Actress Nicole Kidman is a total Hollywood legend. The 51-year-old powerhouse has been a mainstay in the industry for many years, so you would think she would be a bit more jaded than others when it comes to the hustle and bustle of awards season. But when Nicole spoke with Life & Style and other reporters at the AACTA Awards on Friday, Jan. 4, at Skybar in LA, she revealed the things she enjoys most about doing the whole award show run.

“I like getting dressed up. I do,” she told Life & Style about her penchant for awards season style.

Nicole has two young daughters, Sunday, 10, and Faith, 8, so one would think there would be a lot of playing dress up in the house. Someone’s gotta help mom choose a gown! But it turns out the girls aren’t quite as interested as you’d expect. “They’re sometimes interested and sometimes not, it depends on what toys they’re playing with and what play dates they have over,” she explained.

nicole kidman daughters keith urban
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Nicole and her husband, Keith Urban, have been pretty adamant in the past about keeping their daughters out of the spotlight. “We live in Nashville, not LA, and we live there for a reason,” she previously revealed.

Besides the opportunity to get a little glamorous, Nicole also likes the networking aspect of the shows. “I also like meeting people that I’ve never met before,” she revealed. “Because it’s actually astounding how you can meet directors and different people, and how that can actually eventuate, and sometimes you’re collaborating on something else in the future.”

Between Nicole’s impeccable awards style and her charisma, we’re sure she’ll meet and charm some future collaborators as awards season picks up. Hopefully, her daughters give her some fashion advice, though, because we wouldn’t be surprised if they inherited her impeccable taste.