13 years and counting! While there’s no denying that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of Hollywood’s most loved-up couples, the A-list pair has had to work hard over the years to keep their marriage strong. Thankfully, it was all worth it. “They’re in a great place right now,” a source exclusively told Life & Style magazine. 

“They’ve managed to overcome obstacles and make their marriage work. They’re even talking about renewing their vows!” Considering Nicole, 52, and Keith, 51, can hardly keep their hands off of each other on the red carpet, we can only imagine how romantic their vow renewal would be. 

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban

As it happens, though, the actress and country crooner only recently got over their marital woes. While Nicole was filming the first season of HBO’s hit series Big Little Lies, her relationship with Keith was “at its worst,” the source expressed. 

“Nicole was on location in California, and Keith was touring. In some ways, they were leading separate lives. They started having trust issues, which led to jealous rages,” the insider continued. “No one cheated or anything like that, but their minds would spiral worrying about what the other one was up to.”

Fortunately, the proud parents of Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, 8, were able to turn to marriage counseling for help. “Their sessions have been intense at times,” the source said, “But they’ve learned how to open up and navigate through their issues.” They also did a lot of soul searching, the insider added, and recommitted to their faith. Nicole and Keith “have had their ups and downs and come out of it even stronger.” 

Phew! That’s a relief. After all, if a couple like Nicole and Keith can’t make it, who can?

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