Setting the record straight! Nikki Bella took to “The Bellas Podcast” on May 8, to kill a rumor she heard about herself being upset at the idea of her ex John Cena having a baby someday.

“I honestly could not believe when I read the headline, ‘Nikki Bella would be crushed if John Cena starts a family with girlfriend: She wanted one with him.’ Where do they get these from?” the 35-year old began.

“Everyone, let me kill this rumor, then I kinda want to talk about it. That rumor is so far from the truth,” she continued. “I usually know that I say stuff in interviews that come off … and I get when there’s a headline and I’m like ‘shoot, I did that to myself, but I didn’t mean it that way.’ I am the girl that puts her foot in her mouth, like a lot. I do understand that. I talk too much. I’m very open. I’m very honest. But this couldn’t be more further away from the truth.”

John Cena, Nikki Bella, Red Carpet
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Then, she revealed that their breakup had nothing to do with the wrestler not wanting to have kids with her. “John wanted to have a family with me. Let’s get a few things straight here so these rumors can stop or when you see these headlines, please know that they’re false. I did not leave my ex because he didn’t want kids. He wanted kids. There’s a lot of other reasons, and I’m not allowed to speak about them.”

To further emphasize her point, Nikki tweeted about it the rumor on the same day. “And hope you all know now that I smile at whoever wants to birth life or get in on those ovaries. Killed that rumor. #BellasPodcast,” she wrote. 

Nikki and John broke things off in April 2018 after six years together, and since then, they’ve both started seeing other people. We’re glad they were able to happily move on!