She once said it would “kill her” to see ex John Cena move on with another woman, but it looks like retired WWE star Nikki Bella is coming to terms with her former flame’s new prospects as best she can. Naturally, the process toward healing is a slow one — and with it comes some unpleasant feelings, she won’t lie — but she’s also got a few tricks up her sleeve, should she need to use them.

“This is actually kinda hard to talk about for me,” the 35-year-old began alongside her sister, Brie Bella, during the April 10 episode of their podcast, “The Bellas Podcast.” “You all have seen John’s paparazzi pics. He was spotted with a new mystery woman.“

“When I saw the headline, it was [texted] to me by a few people. my stomach went into knots. When I saw the photo, it was weird. Girls and guys, we can all talk about this. When you get a text or a photo, you know how you get those knots in your stomach. You want to s—t [your] pants immediately or you have the craziest tummy ache. So neither of those happened to me.”

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But just because she didn’t freak out like she thought she would doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a difficult road to letting go. “It’s been tough. If you only know how much therapy I’ve been in. Weekly,” she revealed about the aftermath of breaking up with her 41-year-old beau. “There’s a lot that we don’t talk about why we broke up that we’re working on and making each other even better people.”

“He’s one of the people, besides you, Brie,” — she gave a nod to her 35-year-old sis — “who’s made me an amazing person. But because of how sad and how much I hurt him, when I saw the big smile on his face, I felt happy for him. I am very happy for him. As long as John is happy, I’m happy. But let me tell you, she breaks his heart? Wow. I will rack attack her in a heartbeat. I’m still protective of that man.”

Honestly, we totally don’t blame her one bit for wanting to break out a wrestling move on her ex’s new girl. It’s hard to let go of your longtime love — especially when you don’t know if the new person is right for them. The wrestler/movie star has been spotted out several times in Vancouver with new girl Shay Shariatzadeh, according to eyewitnesses who spoke with Life & Style exclusively.

Before they both set their sights on new prospects, Nikki and John dated for five years and got engaged in April 2017. Unfortunately, the engagement didn’t last and they broke it off by April 2018 — just weeks before their marriage was set to happen. The wrestling duo got together one last time before a final, official breakup in summer 2018.

Soon after the final split, Nikki was thought to be getting cozy with her former Dancing with the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev, and now, the duo are finally official — thanks to the reality star confirming the relationship on March 27.