Oh, John Cena, you’re truly one of a kind. While most people would make it a point to keep the details of their painful breakup a secret, the famed wrestler, 41, decided to joke about his split from his ex-fiancé, Nikki Bella, on national freakin’ television.

During WWE’s Smackdown on Jan. 1, John quipped: “Some man’s gonna walk down here and try to tell me that I’m an old, broken down, part-timing Hollywood wannabe that should just get a haircut and leave WWE faster than Nikki Bella left me. So, that cat’s out of the bag.”

OK, for starters, who the heck comes up with this dialogue? LOL. Seriously, it’s just so corny. Also, name dropping an ex, even if it’s meant to be harmless, just isn’t cool. After all, John and Nikki, 35, were together for six years! In fact, the pair ended their relationship just one week before they were supposed to walk down the aisle.

John Cena, Nikki Bella, Posing
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At first, a lot of fans suspected that their breakup was a publicity stunt. As we all now know, however, that was hardly the case. John and Nikki are definitely done and apparently, the Blockers actor seems to think that she’s the one who left him… and quickly, nonetheless. Ouch.

TBH, we can’t *really* be surprised, though. After all, the A-list twin has been living her best life these days. “I haven’t been able to really enjoy the single life properly,” the Total Bellas star told Us Weekly at Z100’s Jingle Ball 2018 in NYC on Friday, Dec. 7. “It’s hard being a single girl. Over the holidays, I’m really looking forward to wandering into some bars and being a single girl.”

While Nikki has been technically single since April, the brunette beauty is constantly traveling and she hasn’t had a chance to just be on her own at home. “I’m looking forward to touching home base and being able to live a real single life vs. just being out on the road and single,” Nikki said. Well, here’s hoping she got the chance to do that over the holidays!