It looks like being amicable with your ex is the new celebrity trend! During a recent interview, Nikki Bella revealed a number of details about her dating life, including whether or not she’s really involved with her former Dancing With the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev. However, her most shocking admission was actually about her ex-fiancé, John Cena.

“He and I are friendly,” the Total Bellas star, 35, explained of her relationship with John, 41. “I have given him the heads up on everything because I have so much respect for him. So I told him like, ‘Hey! I’m going on a date with this guy, just want you to know,'” the professional wrestler continued. “I love him, I have respect for him — he’s just such a good friend of mine.”

John Cena posing with Nikki Bella
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Wow, Nikki. Way to make the rest of us look bad. While most women rue the day their ex was born, here you are being the bigger woman. We stan. OK, now that we know things are cool between her and John, what’s the deal with Artem? “I went on a few dates… and the one thing being a new LA girl that I forget is like, even at the farmers’ markets, there’s paparazzi,” Nikki said. “Honestly, it’s been a few dates. It’s been fun, but I’m just dating around.”

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Hmmm, based on that explanation, we think that Nikki may be withholding some of the tea. “They got together for dinner and the chemistry from the dance floor came right back,” a source recently told Life & Style of the pair’s budding romance. “They hit it off. They’re taking it slow, but they’re really into each other.” To be fair, though, you can be really into someone and also date other people. After all, Nikki and John were together for six years. The brunette beauty definitely deserves to embrace her freedom. Keep doing you, girl.