It’s official — the Bella twins were back in the ring together, and our hearts pretty much can’t take it. Though Nikki and Brie Bella have obviously stayed close over the past few years (after all, they’re not only sisters but actual twins), they hadn’t worked as a tag-team in over three years. Which isn’t to say they haven’t worked together — they’ve still been filming their hit reality show, Total Divas, since 2013 and their own spin-off, Total Bellas, since 2016. Before the match, though, Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan had a special message for his wife and baby mama. 

How cute is that? We love that he called her the #WorldsToughestMama. And Brie and Nikki had a little message for him and baby Birdie right back. 

“Mom’s gonna knock you out!” Brie said jokingly, but we seriously wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that right hook. Nikki also chimed in, promising to tell her niece Birdie all about how the night goes once she grows up. And how it went, BTW, was amazingly. “Last night felt like a dream,” Nikki wrote on Instagram after the match. “Over 3 years since I got to have a tag match with my ultimate PIC, tag partner, and soulmate @thebriebella ?”

She also gave a little shout out to the fans that have been patiently waiting for this wrestling reunion. “Bella Army you all are just so amazing with all your love and support! Wish I could have photos of you all to post from last night! You made us Bellas SO happy!!” Nikki gave shout outs to the other women at the match last night, too, and shared about a million pictures from the big event. “I hope this is only the beginning because double trouble isn’t down with you 3 yet!” she finished.

We just hope that Nikki really meant that, because we need more double trouble back in our lives!