Keeping it real. Nina Agdal admitted that she is still learning how to grow in life and in her career, but the model is more sure of herself now than she was when she was younger.

“I think I am still gaining my own confidence,” the 27-year-old told Life & Style exclusively at the “Knot-a-Real-Wedding” in honor of Conair’s The Knot Dr. Detangling Brush in New York City on Wednesday, June 19. “Like every year you grow, and everybody does, but when you’re younger, you definitely tend to, like, take criticism or even just the whole perception of now social media, advertisement, whatever and look at people and be like, ‘I want to look like that.’ But the reality is, I was never meant to be 5’10” and 110 pounds, where some girls are born like that and that is their body type.”

Even though the Denmark native flaunts her body on the cover of magazines, she revealed that sometimes she didn’t always feel great about her physique. “Just remember when you’re growing up, eventually you’re going to get to a place, and you’re going to be like, ‘Oh, this is what is supposed to be the right size, and the way I should be.’ There shouldn’t be a limitation of what is right and what is wrong. When you’re younger, that is what you think — you’re going to get the confidence if you look like that, and if you do this, or wear this, or if you say this, but the reality is — it all comes from you just finding out who you are. It takes a lot of f—king time.”

Now, the blonde bombshell confessed she “finally figured out” what works for her — including what types of workouts she likes to do. Recently, Nina started sharing her treadmill workouts with her fans on Instagram, and she couldn’t believe how much she was motivating others. “I started to share a little bit, and the response I got was crazy, which I never expected because I didn’t think people wanted to know that,” she said. “It makes me feel so good when I get DMs of people being like, ‘You know, I haven’t run in a year, and I tried your treadmill routine, and I felt so great, I want to do it again tomorrow.’”

Nina works out about five or six times a week — typically, she does two days of cardio and three to four days of leaning workouts. “I feel so much more toned,” she divulged. “It’s just simply about the consistency and even the 20 minutes, like just getting up and moving around, if you do it the right way, that is all you need.”

The one thing the New York City transplant can’t live without when she gets her sweat on is The Knot Dr. Detangling brush. “I have very knotty hair, I am not going to lie,” she explained. “My hair tangles so easily, so obviously, The Knot Doctor is perfect because it’s super easy to detangle, and it’s not damaging. There is also a mini-version you can throw into your gym bag.”

Nina Agdal Wearing a White Dress With DJ Quintero in a Pink Suit
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Conair

Her hairstylist, DJ Quintero, also added that Nina’s hair is pretty perfect anytime he gets to work with her. “Like most people would struggle to make her hair look the way that it naturally does,” he said. #Blessed.

Well, we love your honesty, girl! BRB, going for a run since you inspired us.