There’s never a dull moment between the Kar-Jenners and their kids! Kim Kardashian recorded a video of herself urging California residents to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic when all of a sudden her eldest daughter, North West, made a surprise appearance.

“Hi, everyone in California. I’m Kim Kardashian West and I just wanted to talk to you,” the 39-year-old said, before her 6-year-old crashed the video. “And North West,” she said.

Kim put her best effort to continue her PSA, despite the fact that she wanted to laugh after North included herself. “It’s California. We’ve got the most beautiful weather, but we have to start to train ourselves,” Kim said before North once again interrupted her by revealing that she “went out.”

“You went outside in your backyard, and that’s totally fine,” Kim assured. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star tried to continue with her video but once again stopped to ask North to “not jump on the bed.”

North West Steals Kim Kardashians Phone and Posts on Snapchat
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian Instagram

Before the video came to an end, North shared a very important message of her own. When Kim advised listeners to check in on their friends and loved ones, North said, “You should be more busy with your kids, not your friends.” Thankfully, Kim laughed it off and agreed. “Facts,” said the mom of four.

This isn’t the first time Kim has been interrupted by her daughter on camera. On April 9, the brunette beauty shared a makeup tutorial, which North infamously crashed. Kim’s reaction was super relatable to every parent who’s currently quarantining with children.

“North, can I please just do my little tutorial?” she asked at the time. “It’s all I want to do, is one little fun thing for myself.”

On the bright side, at least Kim is always entertained at home!

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