After all, premium content comes at a price, y’all. YouTuber Tana Mongeau dropped her ~highly~ awaited 4:20 special on April 30 and teased a potential pivot to uncensored content in her announcement. To be honest, we’d be the first to sign up for a Tana Mongeau OnlyFans.

“4:20 special is finally coming today. Sorry, guys. I had to take some stuff out ’cause YouTube woulda exiled me [for real] on this one. I [really] do need a place for uncensored content … hmmmm. Ahhhh I love this video [though],” the 21-year-old gushed on Twitter. “Get [your] blunts or backwoods or whatever the f—k ready.”

Considering the cast of characters she enlisted for her celebratory weed spectacular, like fellow vlogger Nikita Dragun and rumored flame Mod Sun, it’s no surprise the blonde beauty is thinking about ways to share her world in an unfiltered way. After all, how are you supposed to censor either of those stars?

Plus, fans and followers were totally on board with the prospect of a subscription-based model for Tana’s more scandalous work. “Girl, OnlyFans. You don’t even have to charge us,” one user noted, while another gushed, “She hinted at an OnlyFans, OMG. My poor ass can’t afford this!” A third fan wrote, “OnlyFans: but it’s just you being yourself.” LOL!

If we’re being honest, the Las Vegas native probably could use a platform where she doesn’t have to worry about demonetization or her content being flagged. In fact, there were a few steamy snapshots that may have come under fire in a sticky situation on her Instagram Stories on April 30 … but that’s just Tana’s feed.

At the end of the day, the MTV starlet is all about doing her thing. “I have a young following and it’s definitely primarily female,” the internet personality told Life & Style exclusively in February. “I always want to empower those young girls to do whatever they want with their bodies and to make their decisions and not let anyone take that away from them, especially men.”


Though the vlogger didn’t confirm she would be pursuing a new platform for her work, we’re excited to see where she takes it next.