Health is wealth — and a good butt. YouTuber Tana Mongeau took to her Instagram Stories to show off her awesome ~assets~ during a quarantine tanning session post-workout on April 2. Needless to say, the blonde beauty was looking gorgeous, as always.

“I just went for a run because I’m such a healthy IG baddie and then I came up to my roof and I pulled my biker shorts up to tan because I’m such a healthy IG baddie and look how fat my ass is,” the 21-year-old gushed over herself in the video clip. “I’m not even arching my back. OK!”

Courtesy of @tanamongeau/Instagram

It’s definitely no surprise to see the MTV starlet flaunting her bikini body amid social distancing measures due to coronavirus concerns in Los Angeles. In fact, since starting to self-isolate, the vlogger has shared several tanning snaps that leave little to the imagination — so we assume that’s been her go-to quarantine activity.

But the Las Vegas native hasn’t just been relaxing and catching rays while confined to her home. On April 1, she revealed that she started a new charity organization to support victims of COVID-19.

“Jordan and I have been very concerned about what’s going on in the world,” Tana explained during an Instagram Live session alongside manager and business partner Jordan Worona, with whom Tana started the project. “And … we realized that there’s a lot that we can do with not only this platform, but Jordan’s, too … us as a team. We wanted to do something we felt could really change the world.”

According to the organization’s website, the charity plans to benefit not only sick individuals, but those who will feel the “terrible rippling effects” of this global pandemic.


“With millions of Americans out of work, we want to come together to help support the people who need it the most. The people who have lost their jobs; the people who can’t pay medical bills; the parents who can’t provide lunch for their kids,” their mission statement read. “11:11 is an opportunity for us to come together like never before and find those people who need help the most.”

So, like, get you a girl who can do both, y’all.