Proud of our girl, y’all! YouTuber Tana Mongeau took to her Instagram and Twitter feeds to reveal that she started a brand new charity organization called the 11:11 Project to benefit families who are suffering from the devastating effects of coronavirus. The MTV starlet explained her plans to provide “immediate relief” to those struggling on April 1.

“Jordan and I have been very concerned about what’s going on in the world,” the 21-year-old explained during an Instagram Live session alongside manager and BFF Jordan Worona, with whom Tana started the new org. “And … we realized that there’s a lot that we can do with not only this platform, but Jordan’s, too … us as a team. We wanted to do something we felt could really change the world.”


According to the website for the project, “11:11 is a movement started to make an immediate impact against the [coronavirus].” The mission statement adds that while millions will contract the disease, there are equally as many who will simply face “terrible rippling effects” of the illness.

“With millions of Americans out of work we want to come together to help support the people who need it the most. The people who have lost their jobs; the people who can’t pay medical bills; the parents who can’t provide lunch for their kids,” the announcement concluded. “11:11 is an opportunity for us to come together like never before and find those people who need help the most.”

The new project also supports other helpful endeavors such as Cult For Good (started by fellow influencer Elijah Daniel), Pandemic of Love and Feeding America. Unsurprisingly, Tana is incredibly proud of her organization — and they’ve already started working toward their mission with a bang.

“We’ve collectively already raised over $100k with dizzy hoodie sales alone,” the blonde beauty gushed on Twitter just a few hours after the announcement. “We’re about to go global with this. Thank [you] guys for creating a platform for us to do this!! I’m in tears [right now].”

Needless to say, we’re so impressed with the reality star’s initiative and desire to do good — but honestly, we always knew she had it in her.