Paris Hilton has a lot of regrets about making her infamous sex tapeKeep reading for what she had to say about feeling “pressured” into making the video at the age of 19. 

Why Did Paris Hilton Make a Sex Tape?

The heiress was worried about losing her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, if she didn’t go along with his request. “He told me if I wouldn’t do it, he could easily find someone who would, and that was the worst thing I could think of – to be dumped by this grown man because I was a stupid kid who didn’t know how to play grown-up games,” Paris revealed in an excerpt of her upcoming book, Paris: The Memoir, published by the U.K.’s The Sunday Times on March 4, 2023. Her book will be released on March 14.

Ultimately, she decided to go ahead with the video in 2001, writing, “The truth is, I wanted to be alive in a sensual way. I wanted to feel like a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.”

How Did Paris Hilton Feel About Making the Sex Tape?

“I don’t remember that much about the night he wanted to make a videotape while we made love,” Paris confessed, adding she drank alcohol and took quaaludes – a type of sedative – prior to making the tape. “He had often said it was something he did with other women, but I felt weird and uncomfortable about it. I always told him, ‘I can’t. It’s too embarrassing.’” Paris added, “I needed to prove something to him and to myself, so I got hammered, and I did it.”

Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Did Paris Hilton Know Her Sex Tape Would Be Made Public?

Even though Paris wrote that she wasn’t “capable of the level of trust required to make a videotape like that,” she said she was assured that “no one else would ever see it.” Ultimately, Rick sold the video in 2004, under the title 1 Night in Paris. The DJ said that he told her he “had every right to sell something that belonged to him – something that had a lot of financial value.”

What Was Paris Hilton’s Reaction When Her Sex Tape Was Made Public?

“I felt like my life was over, and in many ways it was. Certainly, the career I had envisioned was no longer possible,” Paris explained. “Everything I wanted my brand to be, the trust and respect I was trying to rebuild with my parents, the sliver of self-worth I’d been able to recover – all that was instantly in ruins.”

Paris’ reality show with best friend Nicole RichieThe Simple Life, debuted on Fox in December 2003 and she would go on to become one of Hollywood’s “It” girls of the mid-aughts social scene. The California native later became a successful entrepreneur who has a personal net worth of $300 million as of 2023.