Forever love? Reality stars Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow had a whirlwind romance while filming Perfect Match season 1. While they were one of the strongest couples throughout the experiment, fans want to know if they are still together. Keep reading for everything we know about Joey and Kariselle’s current relationship status. 

Are ‘Perfect Match’ Stars Joey and Kariselle Still Together?

Joey – who appeared on season 1 of The Circle – had a romantic history with Are You The One? star Kariselle prior to arriving in Panama to film season 1 of Netflix’s Perfect Match. 

“In a house full of that much testosterone and ego, I was letting people know right off the bat that they better not look at you,” he told her during one of their private dates. 

Joey previously explained that he and Kariselle met after she slid into his DMs following the release of The Circle in January 2020. 

“I wasted no time at all. I was like, ‘Are you single? What’s your number?’” he admitted during a confessional. “She ended up coming to L.A. We had a wild night together [and] ended up staying a weekend. But, honestly, I’ve been unlucky in love just because I haven’t been ready.”

Their relationship didn’t work out as Kariselle claims he ghosted her, despite Joey claiming he was just not ready for something serious. 

However, after reconnecting on the beach, they pair immediately matched up and were a couple throughout the season. 

“I was not expecting to come here and see you, and I was not expecting to fall in love with you,” Joey said after asking the New Jersey native to be his girlfriend. “Since day one, I had a gravitational pull towards you.”

Did ‘Perfect Match’ Stars Joey and Kariselle Get Married?

Before leaving Panama, Joey got down on one knee and asked Kariselle to be his wife during their final date. 

“Regardless of anything that happens here, I need you to know that you are my best friend. You have been my perfect match since the day I met you,” he said. “I love waking up to you every single day and I don’t want that to ever end. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and there is no person that I want to go through life with besides you. Will you please marry me?”

A shocked Kariselle enthusiastically said, “Yes!” and the couple announced the news to their housemates during the final night. 

However, after the finale dropped, Joey revealed that he and Kariselle called it quits. 

“We both sort of agreed right now we need to step away from each other. That’s for the best, but her and I have so much love for each other,” he told on March 1. “When I was there, I was like, ‘This is the perfect person I want to spend the rest of my life with.’ When you finish filming, you go back to reality. There’s a lot of life things to deal with.”