Which ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Are Still Together? See Which Relationships Lasted After the Show

We fell hard for Love Is Blind pretty much the second the Netflix show hit our screens. In the roughly five minutes it took for stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed to exchange “I love yous,” we, too, knew we were ready to commit — to a binge-watch, that is. But the series made us wait for the final episode on Thursday, February 27, to see which couples would make it down the aisle and actually say “I do.”

In the first episode, which dropped on February 13, we watched as 30 romantics headed into the pods. The experiment challenged them to find someone they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with without ever laying their eyes on that person. And, for 16 men and women, the experiment worked. It actually worked for even more stars than the showrunners expected. The series found itself with eight engagements on its hands — two more than they could actually film.

But getting engaged was just the first hurdle. Soon enough, the six couples were shipped off to what was supposed to be a romantic getaway in Cancún, Mexico. It didn’t take long for at least one of the would-be brides and grooms to split, however. Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton‘s romance went up in flames after just a few days together in what should have been paradise. Jessica Batten‘s relationship with fiancé Mark Cuevas also met some resistance after she found herself face to face with Matt Barnett, one of the other guys she’d had a connection with in the pods.

After Diamond and Carlton left, the rest of the couples made it all the way to the weddings. At the end of episode 9, which dropped on February 20, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers had even started to say their vows. But before they could officially tie the knot, the show left us on a cliffhanger. Now, we’ve finally got some answers to whether or not the reality TV show’s experiment can help hopeful singles find real, lasting relationships. Things may not have worked out for every couple, but others found real love.

Before the finale dropped, we did our best to do a little social media stalking to see which stars had made it work. Now, we know for sure. Check out the gallery below to see which Love Is Blind couples are still together.