They made it down the aisle, but did Love Is Blind stars Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers end up exchanging vows? The Netflix show left the couple on a cliffhanger after the first nine episodes dropped on February 13 and 20. Though the finale, airing on Thursday, February 27, will reveal whether the groom went through with his “I dos,” we did a little digging in the meantime. Here’s what we know so far about the reality TV duo.

Damian has been traveling, like, a lot.

He took a hiatus from Instagram between July 2017 and January 2020, but all of the #latergrams he’s posted since then suggest that he’s been around the world. One shot shows the star in the Czech Republic. Another shows him in Florida. Still more are geotagged in Amsterdam, Portugal and Germany. Though it’s possible that Giannina, 25, was traveling with him, there aren’t any similar shots on her profile.

Love Is Blind Netflix Star Damian Powers Traveling Through Europe
Courtesy of Damian Powers/Instagram

Giannina doesn’t seem to be wearing her ring.

She could have just taken it off for photos — or switched it to her right hand to throw her fans and followers off. There are also some shots where it appears that she is wearing a rock on her left ring finger. But for the most part, she wears a simple piece of jewelry on her right hand. And we’re fairly confident it’s the same ring she could be seen wearing throughout the show.

Love Is Blind Netflix Star Giannina Gibelli Isnt Wearing Her Ring
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram; Netflix

They both posted about having a tough 2019.

Damian, 28, admitted in January that he feels stuck in a vicious cycle. “It feels like every week I start back at the bottom no matter where I ended the previous week at,” he wrote on Instagram. “It hits hard come Monday, but I never give up, and although I may take a break, I keep climbing, knowing eventually I’ll reach the top and stay there! Never give up!”

In her New Year’s Day post, Gigi similarly opened up. “This past year was ROUGH (like WTF kinda rough), and it taught me so many lessons that I’m very grateful for. Growth hurts sometimes,” she wrote. “That said, 2019 couldn’t GTFO fast enough. 2020, I’m ready for ya, bishhhh.”

Love Is Blind Stars Giannina and Damian Had Rough Years
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers/Instagram

Giannina’s bedroom looks like only one person lives there.

First, we’d just like to say that we’re obsessed with her whole apartment. The bedroom is cute, there are plants everywhere and the decor in the living room is perfectly on point. That said, it’s seems very much like just one person’s apartment — and it’s pretty girly. Take the bedside tables for example. One has a phone and watch charging dock, remote and some other kind of gadget. The other? Nothing but a clock and a candle. We know Damian is organized, but we doubt his side of the bed would be that sparse.

Love Is Blind Star Giannina Gibelli Has a Single GIrl Bedroom
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli/Instagram

Damian is posting thirst traps.

We’re not saying a guy in a relationship can’t post a black-and-white photo showing off his bulging bicep. We’re just saying that we don’t get the sense that he did. This photo looks like straight up bae-bait to us.

Love Is Blind Star Damian Powers Posts Instagram Thirst Trap
Courtesy of Damian Powers/Instagram

Finally — they don’t follow each other.

This is the most heartbreaking point of all. And, again, it could be because they don’t want to give away any spoilers. But the fact that they both follow every other major member of the cast makes it seem pretty purposeful rather than sneaky. The one bit of hope we’re clinging to? Gigi does follow a fan account that’s rooting for them as a couple. That’s something, right?

Love Is Blind Stars Giannina and Damian Don't Follow Each Other on Instagram
Courtesy of Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers/Instagram

So what do you think? Did Giannina and Damian say “I do”?