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A Guide to the Couples on Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: Who’s Still Together?

Built to last? Love Is Blind season 2 had six engaged couples come out of the pods. However, not every duo has stood the test of time. Keep reading to see where the Netflix stars stand today, including who is still together and who has split.

Who Got Engaged During ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2?

Just like season 1, season 2 of Love Is Blind was hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, and it opened with 30 single hopefuls looking for love. However, as the episodes progressed, the pool was whittled down to six men and six women as the primary focus.

Shaina Hurley, Danielle Ruhl, Iyanna McNeely, Mallory Zapata, Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati accounted for the women, while Kyle Abrams, Nick Thompson, Jarrette Jones, Salvador Perez, Shayne Jansen and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee accounted for the men.

Of course, some contestants, like Danielle and Nick, were immediately drawn to each other in the pods. However, other contestants, like Shayne and Mallory, found themselves in love triangles.

It was clear from the beginning that Shayne had obvious feelings for both Natalie and Shaina. Eventually, the Chicago-based real estate agent asked Natalie to be his girlfriend without giving Shaina a heads-up. As a result, Shaina chose to further pursue her connection with Kyle, despite their major religious differences. Shaina is a Christian, whereas Kyle is an atheist.

As for Mallory, she hit it off with Salvador and Jarrette. After a lot of reflection — and tears! — Mallory decided to be with Salvador, leaving Jarrette incredibly upset, but still interested in his other connection, Iyanna.

Naturally, Iyanna was hesitant to be Jarrette’s “second choice,” but she ended up following her heart!

Who Got Married During ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2?

Following the romantic engagements and reveals, the six engaged couples flew to Mexico not only to get to know each other better but also to meet the other contestants they connected with in the pods. Although the location was beautiful and the cocktails were flowing, the drama was real!

After returning from their vacation south of the border, the couples were put to the ultimate test facing everyday life, including meeting each other’s friends and families, living with each other and of course, planning a wedding.

All the duos were tested, but in the end, Danielle and Nick and Iyanna and Jarrette were the only couples who said “I Do” at the altar and got married.

Scroll through the gallery to see where the couples from season 2 of Love Is Blind are now.