If you’ve binge-watched season 2 of Love Is Blind, then you already know contestants Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson were one of two couples to get married on the hit Netflix reality series. Nick and Danielle had a rocky road to the altar but ultimately said “I do” on their wedding day. Keep reading to find out where the reality star couple stands today.

When Did Danielle and Nick Get Married?

As fans witnessed, Danielle, 29, and Nick, 36, had a difficult time making it to the altar. The couple, who were the first to get engaged on Love Is Blind season 2, faced their fair share of ups and downs. In fact, when their wedding day finally arrived, there was still some hesitation.

“The main disconnect was that we both knew that we wanted to stay together — and I never questioned that I wanted him to be my husband. I just didn’t know if the timing of jumping into a marriage was right,” Danielle explains to Life & Style. “There were so many different aspects going into it. Obviously, I wanted to be the best version of myself before going into a marriage … and that was my hesitation.”

Ultimately, Danielle’s doubts affected Nick’s confidence in their relationship. “I think from my perspective, it was like the uncertainty of her because I was very sure. Then a few days before, you know, the pressure mounts and you’re just kind of, like, ‘Wait a minute … is this the right decision? Should we just date?” the product marketing VP recalls.

“Her uncertainty created uncertainty with me and now, we’re both uncertain and it was just kind of like, well, maybe that’s a sign or maybe we’re just panicking because it’s a pressure cooker environment. You have less than two months to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,” Nick continues. “So, for me it was just all of that uncertainty kind of piling up and when we got up there on the altar and she said, ‘I do,’ I just felt like this weight lifted off and this exhale and it felt like that was the thing to do and that the rest we could figure out later if we just take the leap of faith.”

Moments before their vows were exchanged, Nick still wasn’t sure of his course of action. “I was back and forth, pretty close up to that moment,” he admits. “My friends were skeptics, and they were ultimately going to support me no matter what. In that moment, right before we went out there, I said, ‘I don’t know,’ and they were shocked because they were thinking it was going to be a yes.”

Love Is Blind’s Danielle and Nick Recall ‘Panicking’ on Their Wedding Day: ‘I Was Back and Forth'
Adrian S. Burrows Sr./Netflix

Are Danielle and Nick Still Together?

After more than one year of marriage, Nick and Danielle called it quits in August 2022. Danielle filed for divorce on August 15 in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois, according to court documents obtained by Life & Style. 

Neither Nick nor Danielle has commented on their split.

Season 2 of Love Is Blind, including the reunion special, is available to stream on Netflix.