After getting engaged on Love Is Blind, stars Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas have had a bit of a rocky romance. In the first nine episodes of the Netflix show, fans saw these two fall for each other, fall apart and get engaged, but will they actually get married? The final episode of the show drops Thursday, February 27, but before we see whether or not this couple makes it down the aisle, we did our best to investigate whether or not they’re still together today. Here’s what we’ve found out.

Jessica doesn’t post much on social media.

The would-be-bride doesn’t seem to have a Twitter, and she hasn’t posted much on her Instagram recently either. She even appears to have taken a year-long hiatus from the social media site that started in September 2018. In October 2019, she returned to the platform only to share a photo of her running a marathon in Chicago, Illinois.

She might have moved away from Atlanta.

All of the contestants on the show lived in Georgia before and during filming. However, the few Insta Stories Jessica, 34, has posted seem to suggest that she has left the area. Several of her posts are geotagged in different parts of Illinois.

Love Is Blind Star Jessica Batten Instagram Stories in Illinois
Courtesy of Jessica Batten/Instagram

Others are geotagged around Southern California. The star has seemingly documented several “firsts” in the area, including a beach day and a basketball game. A LinkedIn account that likely belongs to the star also suggests that she’s made the Golden State her new home, settling into the Los Angeles area after moving away from a previous position in Atlanta.

Love Is Blind Star Jessica Batten Instagram Stories in California
Courtesy of Jessica Batten/Instagram

Mark seems to still live in Georgia.

The blonde beauty moving away doesn’t necessarily mean anything — but the man who proposed to her on TV likely didn’t move with her. Mark, 25, posts frequently on Instagram, and pretty much all of his posts are geotagged in Atlanta. His personal training career seems to have him putting down roots in the city and working at two different gyms in Buckhead.

He’s leaning on his family for support.

In a post reflecting on his journey on the show, he shared a photo of himself cuddled up with his mom. “So many emotions throughout this journey,” he captioned the shot. “I hope everyone is ready for the wild ride. Enjoy.❤️” When he shared another photo from the series, it was one featured him sitting alone instead of snuggled up to his then-fiancée. And when episodes 6-9 dropped on Netflix, the athlete turned to his sister so they could tune in together.

However, there might be some hope.

We’re not ready to give up on this couple just yet. For now, we’re clinging to a photo Jessica shared after the first few episodes aired. “Enjoying a love-filled weekend at home with those closest to me!” she wrote on Instagram. “Remember where you come from, and always be true to yourself. I continue to learn that the best things in life happen when you trust your own journey.” Though the caption itself could go either way, her hashtags “#deepdishforbreakfast” and “#italianbeef” spoke to us. Sharing a connection to Chicago is one thing that brought this couple together — and the fact that the Illinois native knows how to cook Italian beef was another thing she and her boo bonded over. It’s not much, but we’re rooting for these two to find their way back to each other.

So what do you think? Does this couple have a shot at real love?