Fans are already obsessed with the whole Love Is Blind cast, but especially Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed. In the first five episodes of the Netflix show, which dropped Thursday, February 13, the pair started talking, fell in love, got engaged, met face-to-face and then were whisked away for a romantic vacation. In the next four episodes, which dropped Thursday, February 20, they moved in together and prepared to walk down the aisle. But are they still together IRL? Fans will have to tune in on February 27 to see how the rest of their story plays out, but we did a little digging, and here’s what we know so far.

These two aren’t dropping any hints on Instagram.

Though both Cameron, 29, and Lauren, 32, have promoted the show on their social media accounts (you can find his here and hers here), neither have posted a picture of themselves together. It could just be because they’re trying to keep their relationship low-key (spoilers and all that), but they haven’t even posted any photos they took during the course of filming. However, there might be a few unintentional clues.

They seem to have gone on a vacation together.

Cameron Hamilton's Sunglasses Beach Photo Might Prove He's Still With Lauren Speed
Courtesy of Cameron Hamilton/Instagram

As it turns out, the proof might be in the sunglasses. We can’t confirm anything, but one of Cameron’s shots shows him lounging at the beach. If you zoom in on the reflection in his sunnies, you can make out who just might be Lauren snapping the picture. Though it’s possible the couple snapped the shot during filming while the show had them staying in Cancún, Mexico, it’s worth noting that they didn’t have their phones at the time. A gym selfie Lauren snapped while in Cancún proves she went on at least one trip to the area where she did bring her devices.

Another possible easter egg? Lauren has similar beach photos on her own account. However, there are no mystery men in the reflection of her lenses — and her hair is styled differently than it was on the show, which seems to suggest they really were taken after filming. There is still something interesting going on with her sunnies, though. What appears to be the exact same pair is featured in another one of Cameron’s photos as he hit the beach at a different resort from where they stayed on the show. It’s possible that the couple may have gone back for a second trip to the beaches where they first got to spend time together.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sunglasses for Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed on Netflix Love Is Blind
Courtesy of Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton/Instagram

They’re almost definitely living together.

In episode 6, Lauren and Cameron moved in together at the show’s apartment complex, but they also got the chance to check out each other’s homes. Almost immediately, we recognized Cameron’s house as the backdrop of all of Lauren’s recent photos. We had already noticed the similarities from their social media posts, and the show all but confirmed our theory. The pictures could be old — but even if they’re not together now, they were definitely together for a while.

Love Is Blind Stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed House Comparisons
Courtesy of Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton/Instagram

Oh, and Lauren seemed to be wearing a ring.

We don’t know if it’s the ring or even her left hand, but Lauren certainly seemed to be flashing a diamond when she showed off her stiletto nails on Instagram in October 2019. While taking a shot of her new manicure, the camera captured a rock peeking out from behind her ring finger. Bonus points? The porch she shot the photo on also seems to match one where Cameron was lounging in a picture posted in February 2020.

Love Is Blind Star Lauren Speed's Manicure Photo Shows Ring and Porch Like Cameron Hamilton's
Courtesy of Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton/Instagram

But Lauren also hinted she’s been through tough times.

While talking on February 12 about the show’s premiere, she told fans we’ll see “some of [her] weakest growing points,” which suggest that it might not all be happily ever afters for this couple. In September 2019, she also revealed that she skipped #HotGirlSummer in favor of a #HealingGirlSummer. “[It was] full of growth, strengthening, work and focus, and I’m OK with that,” she wrote, noting that it was still “great.”

And they go to different gyms.

While Lauren’s been location tagging her workouts at an LA Fitness in Atlanta, Cameron’s been hitting up an LA Fitness in Decatur, Georgia. The two gyms aren’t particularly far away — it’s less than 10 miles, which is about a 20 minute drive — but it does hint that the duo isn’t heading out for a sexy sweat session together.

So what do you think? Are Lauren and Cameron still together after the show?