Going strong! Love Is Blind couple Lauren Speed Hamilton and husband Cameron Hamilton are doing “so great” after two years of marriage, Lauren exclusively tells Life & Style.

“Life is good for us,” the YouTuber, 33, gushes about married life with her husband, 29. “[We’re] working, staying busy, keeping busy with our little fur baby, Sparx.”

Are Lauren and Cameron From Love Is Blind Still Together?
Courtesy Lauren Speed Hamilton/Instagram

In 2018, Lauren and Cameron met through a wall and got engaged without ever seeing each other during season 1 of Love Is Blind. They were one of the few couples who not only made it to their on-screen wedding but also said, “I do.” 

The influencer confesses she “did not expect to get married” when she stepped into her pod on day one. “Of course, I was open to it. I think that’s the thing in any relationship — in any love — you have to be open and vulnerable, and that’s the hardest part,” she explains. “It was honestly like a whirlwind. I seriously went into that pod, was staring at a wall and fell in love with Cam through his voice and our conversations.”

“It’s truly mind-boggling still,” she admits. “Sometimes I’ll just be sitting with Cam, and I’ll stare at him like, ‘We’re really married. This is insane.’ I just have those moments — so surreal.”

Netflix announced season 2 of the reality dating show would be coming later this year, and the video producer offered some advice. 

“I think that for us, we just really just tried to be ourselves,” says Lauren. “We tried to stay transparent. We tried to really focus on ourselves and our relationship … That’s the main thing that I feel like worked for us. We didn’t try to put on any character or any role. We just focused on each other and we were true to ourselves.”

The reality TV couple is busier than ever these days. Lauren is the host of Match Me If You Can, a new reality dating show presented by MTV and Pepsi Mango. The digital series will follow some of the biggest reality stars, including Harry JowseyEric BiggerOnyeka EhieJoey Sasso and Kylie Smith, while they look for love. Lauren will help guide the contestants during the series, which premieres on Wednesday, April 21, during commercial takeovers for The Challenge: Double Agents.

Match Me If You Can (1)

“There’s so many surprises,” Lauren dishes about the series. “It was a lot of sweet moments, but it was also juicy moments, and I think that’s kind of where the whole inspiration from Pepsi Mango comes in.”

In addition, Lauren and Cameron wrote a book called Leap of Faith documenting their unconventional journey down the aisle. 

“The book has a little bit of tea in it, of course, about our experience, but it also is just the gems that we learned throughout our dating life that we’ve applied to help us open ourselves up to be vulnerable,” says Lauren. “Even in our marriage now, being married two years going into our third year, just things that we learned and picked up that help keep us strong.”

The future is bright for Lauren and Cameron!