The season 6 cast of Love Is Blind schooled fans in geometry after the pod squad dabbled in love triangles and squares. Sarah Ann was one of the singles caught in the middle of a love affair after forming a strong connection with Jeramey Lutinski.

What Is Love Is Blind’s Sarah Ann’s Job?

Sarah Ann is a 30-year-old customer support manager living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What Is Love Is Blind’s Sarah Ann’s Dating History?

In the day and age of online dating, one could say that Sarah is old school when it comes to seeking a partner.

“I have never used a dating app in my entire life. Not once, ever,” she told Netflix ahead of the season 6 premiere. Sarah has been single for the past four years and has since “built up this ideology that I am independent and I can do everything on my own, and don’t ask for help.”

The reality star likes to have fun in her free time, so she’s looking for a man who is “thoughtful, funny [and] extremely playful.”

What Happens to Sarah Ann on ‘Love Is Blind?’

While dating a handful of men in the pods, Sarah hit it off with Jeramey.

Before making her Netflix debut, Sarah made it known that she was dedicated to her religion and would not allow a man to sway her faith. That being said, she had an awkward conversation with Jeramey about her views on abortion and claimed she was “a huge Patriot.”

“I’m more conservative for sure, but I will say that I have a lot of friends that are more left and I don’t judge them. I love them very much, but like, I love talking about [politics] with someone who has similar views,” she explained. “I’m not a person that’s like, ‘Hell yeah, go get an abortion!’ If two people lay down and consensually have sex, I think you should take responsibility for your actions.”

Who Is Sarah Ann From ‘Love Is Blind’? Meet the Contestant
Adam Rose/Netflix

That being said, Sarah had exceptions for her beliefs on the subject.

“However, I feel like if you are, you know, sexually abused or raped and you end up pregnant by someone, I think the option should definitely be there. But I don’t think it’s used as a form of birth control.”

Unfortunately for Sarah, Jeramey also had his sights on Laura Dadisman, whom he proposed to. When he broke the news to Sarah though, he claimed he was being “forced to make a decision.” So, Sarah had no problem picking up things where they left off and the pair reunited after Jeramey took a couple’s trip to the Dominican Republic with Laura. The reunion unsurprisingly made Laura angry – especially since Sarah and Jeramey were together until 5 a.m.

Fans will see how things unfold between the throuple when the latter episodes premiere on Netflix on February 21.