His love is forever, just like his tattoos! Pete Davidson has a very unique way of professing his love for fiancée, Ariana Grande, by collecting a series of tattoos dedicated to the pop star. But now, he decided to tribute Ariana by getting one of her own tattoo designs copied onto his own body.

Pete has been sporting the French phrase “mille tendresse” on the back of his neck, which is the same exact tattoo that Ariana has in the same exact place. According to People, it is a quote from Ariana’s favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and it translates to “a thousand tendernesses.”

The last Ariana-inspired tattoo Pete got was a tattoo of the pet pig they recently got together. Before that, Pete tattooed Ariana’s last name tattooed on his ribcage. The SNL star opted for large cursive lettering on his latest addition, which happens to be his biggest one in honor of Ari yet! Eagle-eyed fans spotted Pete’s fresh ink after he was photographed without a shirt on.



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Ari and Pete are absolutely smitten with each other and she also recently debuted his name in cursive on her left ring finger. The “God Is A Woman” songstress showed off her Chanel-inspired nails via Instagram on July 12, and fans couldn’t help but notice the SNL star’s moniker tattooed below her dazzling 3-carat diamond ring.

The feelings are obviously mutual between the lovebirds, as Pete has a lot more tattoos dedicated to his fiancée — including clouds and the word “reborn” — but it turns out he went against the advice of his tattoo artist when it came to the very public (and permanent) displays of affection. Jon Mesa, who is responsible for covering up Pete’s tattoo of his former girlfriend Cazzie David, revealed he told Pete to stop getting girlfriend tats until after he is married.



“I did a huge coverup [adding a forest of trees]. After we were done, I told Pete, ‘Hey, dude, let’s just stop with the girlfriend tats until after [Ariana’s] your wife.'” Jon told Page Six. “Relationships come and go, and Pete is a really young man. I think that went in one ear and out the other.” However, not even the tattoo artist could deny how in love the couple is. “They are just riding that magical wave of bliss together,” he added. “It’s obvious that Pete is super in love with Ariana.”

Just three days after the SNL star went Instagram official with his the pop star, he went ahead and made things even more official by getting not one, but two tattoos as a tribute to his new lady. Another tattoo artist London Reese took to Instagram on June 3, to share a pic of Pete’s new Ariana-inspired tattoos.


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We had a good night.

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“We had a good night,” London captioned the shot of Pete’s tattoo behind his left ear, which is of a black bunny ears mask that is similar to the one Ariana wore on the cover of her album, Dangerous Woman. London also shared another photo on his Instagram story of Pete’s second tattoo, which featured Ariana’s initials “AG” on the knuckle of his right thumb.

Ariana also got in on the action, getting a matching tattoo with Pete on the same place on each of their hands. Ariana debuted the couple’s new ink on her Instagram story with the caption, “4ever.” The tattoo spells out the acronym, H2GKMO, which some fans seem to believe stands for the phrase, “Honest to God, knock me out.” Ari recently tweeted, “I say ‘honest to God knock me out’ 300 times a day,” which is the reasoning behind the theory. Earlier this month, she also got “8418” tattooed on her left foot, the badge number worn by Pete’s father, who died in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

And fans are definitely feeling some type of way about their couple-inspired tattoos. “Sorry but Pete Davidson is dumb for getting Ariana Grande tats. The [number one] rule for getting tattoos is to NEVER get one for your [significant other]. I guarantee that they will break up after a year or so [because] all her relationships do and she’ll move on to another guy,” one fan wrote, and another commented, “Who gets a tattoo to commemorate a [two] week old relationship? Apparently Pete Davidson. P.S. I bet his ex-girlfriend, whom he dated for two years, is a little irritated right now.”



Pete’s ex-girlfriend Cazzie, who is the daughter of Seinfeld creator Larry David, seems to also be shocked by her ex-boyfriend moving on so quickly after they dated for two years. After their split, Cazzie took a social media break and it was during that time that Ariana and Pete went Instagram official. When Cazzie returned to IG, she threw some at her ex and his new girl. “Been in Africa, what’d I miss??” she wrote. Way to handle it like a boss!