This could easily be the most difficult time in Ariana Grande‘s young life. Luckily, the 25-year-old has fiancé Pete Davidson to lean on during the aftermath of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s tragic and untimely death. Pete, 24, has been supporting Ari in every way he can, and we’re glad to know he has her back for life.

“This year hasn’t been easy at all for Ariana,” a source told ET on Sept. 20. “Mac’s death has been one of the most painful things she has ever had to deal with in her life. She loved him very much, but she knew she couldn’t help him. Mac clearly needed rehab and Ariana couldn’t be his girlfriend and his sober coach.” Despite trying her best, fans immediately blamed her for what happened to the rapper, which broke her down. Thank goodness she had Pete. “Pete has been a huge support to Ariana through a very difficult time.” 

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The source went on to explain that Ari has come to really rely on her man for support, and his reaction has helped win over some of her more skeptical family members. “At first her family felt she hadn’t thought things through and maybe she would change her mind [about the engagement], but just a few months later, Ariana and Pete seem to have an even stronger bond.” They went on to explain that her family admires how Pete dotes on Ari, and that has been especially clear after the tragedy.

For example, Pete was nominated for a whopping 11 Emmy awards, along with the rest of the cast of Saturday Night Live. Though he planned to attend the event in Los Angeles on Sept. 17, he ended up cancelling last minute to stay in NYC with his future wife. “Ariana will not be attending the Emmys tonight,” her team said. “Pete has also opted to not attend to be with her in New York.”

The same day, the couple was seen out for a stroll through the city. Perhaps Ariana needed to get out of the house, but the adventure proved tough for her. She seemed to get emotional, as photos show her looking distressed. But Pete was there to support her, gripping her arm an kissing her on the forehead. Hopefully his unwavering love and loyalty will help Ari get through this painful time.