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With some parts of the country slowly starting to consider reopening for business, I reached out to my colleagues, the top aesthetic providers in the nation, to find out which cosmetic procedures are being requested by patients and which ones they anticipate will be most in demand when their clinics start seeing patients again! From coast to coast, these key opinion leaders have their fingers on the pulse of the nation’s cosmetic patients and here is what they have to say:

1.) Jawline Contouring. Aesthetic expert Dr. George Gavrila states, “It seems as though the avid use of FaceTime has made many patients notice their soft jawlines, so requests for jawline contouring are rising significantly.” This relatively simple procedure involves a series of injections of fillers, like Juvederm Voluma, which offers patients a more sculpted jawline providing the appearance of a more fit, youthful face. It’s all the rage on Instagram and social media is obviously going nowhere soon. Results last up to a year or more and patients just love it!

2.) Under-the-Eye Injections.“Home quarantine has left patients looking sallow and tired,” notes New York City dermatologist Dr. Amy Spizuoco. “Working from home and participating in web meetings have made them aware that their tear troughs could use some work, and as a result, I’m getting a lot of requests for under the eye injections.” Under-the-eye filler injections offer an easy solution for tired eyes and can be accomplished in one office visit via injectable products like Beltero Balance. You can take five years off in just 15 minutes!

3.) Laser Hair Removal. “Sweatpant days will be over soon,” according to aesthetic nurse practitioner Emily Holmes-Perbellini, “so get ready to show those legs off! But why ever shave again? Laser hair removal is the single best cosmetic treatment you can get.” Seven laser hair removal treatments will often remove 70 percent or more of unwanted hair permanently and it’s safe for all skin types when the right laser hair removal device like the Elite+ from Cynosure is used.

4.) Lip Augmentation. “Women who frequently see themselves on video conferences are analyzing their own faces and mourn the loss of their youthful lips,” states dermatologist Dr. Jeanette M. Black. “The biggest thing that these patients fear is looking artificial. After all, no one wants the ‘trout pout’. But with proper lip augmentation injections, you can simply restore volume that you had earlier in life.” Lip augmentation takes about 30 minutes and is typically done with Juvederm Ultra or Versa Plus.

5.) Facial Thread Lifts. “When sheltering in place is over, facial thread lifts will be one of the most requested procedures of 2020. My patients can’t wait to get back into the office to get their thread lifts,” finds plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi. “They simply love the ability to achieve a noticeable lift in natural and beautiful fashion without risking looking ‘over-pulled’ and with very little downtime.” This in-office procedure takes less than 30 minutes!

6.) Porcelain Veneers. “Teeth are front and center of daily Zoom meetings and many people are recognizing that discolored, crooked teeth equate to an aged face,” notes Beverly Hills celebrity dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly. “Gorgeous porcelain veneers are an excellent way to immediately improve your appearance and I’m positive that they’ll be in huge demand when this quarantine lifts!”

7.) Botox. “The No. 1 request I’ve gotten harassing me to go into the office with a hazmat suit on is for injections of Botox Cosmetic or Xeomin,” says Southern California dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu. “Neuromodulators typically last about three months, so unless you just happened to have gotten treated right before the country shut down, their beautifying effects have worn off. One of the most aesthetic injections in the world, neuromodulators relax the face and provide a more youthful, rested appearance. They were wildly popular before and we’ll see that same level of popularity again soon!”

8.) Neuromodulators. Florida Dermatologist Dr. Robyn Siperstein agrees that neuromodulators will again be unbelievably popular, “People will be lining up for Botox Cosmetic injections! Quarantine is just long enough for this like-magic wrinkle eraser to wear off (usually around three months) plus they give a big bang for your buck as they tend to be one of the least expensive cosmetic treatments. I can’t wait for my own treatment!

coolculpting treatment

9.) CoolSculpting. Dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson states that “a number of my patients feel like they have missed many gym days during quarantine and they want to get back into shape as fast as possible. Even a few pounds can be distributed in unwanted places, so I’m anticipating a big surge in CoolSculpting requests. It’s one of the easiest ways to sculpt your body and with no discomfort and zero downtime, it’s the best way to reduce unwanted areas of ‘pinchable’ fat. This is the one treatment you absolutely want before you go on that tropical vacation and hit the beach with your crush!”

10.) Eyelash Treatments. “With so many video calls taking place right now, I’m personally seeing a huge unmet need for eyelash treatments,” says San Diego-based aesthetic nurse practitioner Morgan Wolf.Latisse is the only FDA approved prescription medication that actually makes your eyelashes grow longer, thicker, fuller, and darker. Many people start to see results in as little as four weeks!”

11.) Tummy Tuck. “After COVID-19 has come and gone, patients will want to get their beach bodies back! Lifestyle and a healthy diet are crucial, but many times a little nip/tuck can make all the difference,” says Charlotte plastic surgeon Dr. Gaurav Bharti. “For patients with lots of skin excess, a ‘tummy tuck‘, also known as abdominoplasty, may be in order to remove excess skin, remove excess fat, minimize stretch marks, tighten the six-pack muscles, and ensure the presence of a perfect belly button.”

12.) Hair Transplants. “Zoom conferences are making both men and women aware of receding or sparse hairlines, notes dermatologist and Beverly Hills hair-transplant surgeon Dr. Michelle Elway. “We are seeing a large number of requests for hair transplants and patients want to schedule as soon as possible. It’s much more tolerable than many people realize, and nothing says ‘COVID is over!’ better than a thick head of luscious hair!”

13.) Ultherapy for Neck Area Tightening. “Everyone is looking downward on FaceTime and noticing jowls and neck skin laxity,” says New York City dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry. “We will absolutely see a wave of patients requesting Ultherapy in the very near term. This radio-frequency based energy treatment boosts collagen and both lifts and tightens loose skin, providing a more youthful appearance to the often-overlooked neck area. I can’t recommend it in stronger terms.”

14.) Hydrafacials. Orange County Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Lazzaro finds that “With all the stress and financial worry that the pandemic has taken on us, I’m firmly anticipating a rush on procedures that won’t break the bank and allows patients to get back to their lives with no downtime. A Hydrafacial is a great procedure because it offers true rejuvenation and is affordable!”

15.) Facial Rejuvenation.Clear + Brilliant is the best facial rejuvenation option in my professional opinion,” states Beverly Hills-based aesthetic nurse and nurse practitioner student Corey Ordyne. “Patients love it because it just glows after a treatment! Their faces look smoother, softer, and more supple. It’s very tolerable and has minimal downtime. Our social media is chock full of millennials and influencers trying to make post-COVID appointments for their treatments!”

16.) Hand Rejuvenation. Puerto Rico-based aesthetic expert Dr. Jose Montes finds that “patients seem to be very worried about the appearance of their hands. Maybe all the handwashing and sanitizer use has brought more attention to this body part. I’m seeing a large influx of patients requesting intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to remove unwanted discoloration from their hands as well as filler injections to the hands. Neglected, aged hands are a telltale sign of a patient’s true age and treating that delicate skin can make all the difference!”

17.) Chemical Peels. Dermatologist Dr. Shaeen Kholsa notices “an increase for chemical peel requests is definitely happening here in Northern California. Patients realize that chemical peels can reduce fine wrinkles, minimize discoloration from sun damage, treat age spots, and improve the texture of the skin. They are the perfect post-quarantine cosmetic treatment!”


18.) Nose Jobs. “Unflattering facial angles can magnify our perceived flaws,” finds Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian. “From Zoom meetings to virtual happy hours, people are spending more time than ever scrutinizing themselves onscreen. I’m seeing a big uptick in rhinoplasty (nose job) consultation requests. Undoubtedly this will be a much sought after procedure when the quarantine lifts!”

19.) Muscle Stimulation for Toning.CoolTone is a new muscle stimulation device that I’m anticipating will be in hot demand after the quarantine lifts,” says Washington-based dermatologist Dr. Phil Weschler. “For some people, it’s hard to maintain muscle tone when they don’t have access to a gym, and supplementing a healthy diet and exercise routine with an energy-based device makes a lot of sense. Patients are starting to realize that getting CoolTone treatments are an easy way to kick-start their fitness goals into high gear!”

20.) Liposuction. “I have received requests for liposuction consultations in the past month than I have ever before in my career,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Levine. “My theory is that so many couples are home and [feeling insecure about] their overindulgence during this time and they have developed unwanted fat that diet and exercise won’t get rid of. Plus, they can recover at home instead of going to work during the healing process. I wholeheartedly anticipate an increased number of liposuction procedures after the social distancing protocols are finally lifted.”