Welcome to the dawn of a new decade! With it, comes new innovations in every major field, from technology to medicine — and cosmetic procedures are no exception.

With that, Life & Style spoke exclusively with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe to get his professional opinion on what the biggest plastic surgery trends for 2020 will be. Dr. Rowe, who is based in NYC, detailed three buzzworthy procedures. 

First up, Botox cream. “One of the newest innovations in cosmetic surgery that’s currently being tested in the European market is Botox cream, and it will be available in the US in 2020. This non-invasive iteration of Botox involves applying a cream, under the care of a physician, to the skin that relaxes the facial muscles and diminishes wrinkles caused by repetitive facial motions,” explains Dr. Rowe. 

It’s quite revolutionary, as there are no shots, bruising or downtime involved, which are the most common complaints about standard neuromodulators,” he continues. “I can tell Botox cream will be popular, as patients are always looking for the effects of Botox without the needles, and this product offers similar results.”

Needle-free Botox? Yes, please! Second on the list, breast implant removal. “A growing trend in the industry is women opting to remove their implants either altogether or trading them in for smaller implants due to the concern over potential side effects some breast implants can have, such as Breast Implant Illness (BII) or cancer,” details Dr. Rowe. 

“Breast Implant Illness can refer to a wide variety of symptoms women with breast implants can experience as a result of having them, such as headaches, depression, chronic pain, brain fog, chest pain and much more. Additionally, there’s a major societal shift where women are valuing a more natural-looking body shape and are choosing to get their implants removed or swapped out for smaller ones purely for aesthetic purposes.”

Anastasia Karanikolaou Breast Implant Removal
Courtesy of Anastasia Karanikolaou/Instagram

One such celebrity includes Kylie Jenner’s BFF Anastasia Karanikolaou. The 22-year-old influencer took to Instagram on December 2, 2019, to reveal she “switched” her breast implants for “smaller ones.”

As for the third trend? Dr. Rowe includes nonsurgical penis augmentation. “Men are increasingly getting plastic surgery and the procedure that grows rapidly in popularity is penis augmentation, a non-surgical injection procedure with little downtime that improves self-confidence, as well as his and his partner’s pleasure,” Dr. Rowe says. 

“The number of patients I see for this is up 25 percent over last year,” he adds. “I do about 30 of them a month. It definitely helps that they’re more widely acceptable for men to go under the knife, minimally invasive and temporary,  in case they have any cold feet.”

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