Although Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, the hosts of HGTV shows Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother, have made themselves the beacons of authority when it comes to home renovations and design, most fans are more interested in their personal lives than their professional lives.

After all, we don’t blame them! The handsome twins, who are shockingly tall in person, have been delighting fans with their charismatic on-screen banter for years. But in case you’re wondering if they’re single, sadly, they’re not. And no, they’re not gay. “Good looking guys with good looking designs, they have to be gay!” Drew jokingly told Closer Weekly.

The brothers are currently both in relationships. Drew is engaged to Scott Brothers Entertainment creative director Linda Phan and Jonathan is dating producer Jacinta Kuznetsov. “All the Scott brothers are off the market,” Jonathan told us. Their new memoir, It Takes Two, which hit stores in September, will reveal more about the private side of the brothers. And although their top priority is helping people create their dream homes, they find all the scrutiny of their love lives “flattering.”

In fact, in November, fans are going to see even more of the private side of the brothers. Their new show, Drew’s Honeymoon House, will show Drew and his fiancé as they renovate an old 1920s home. “It’s this beautiful old 1921 build in LA and we’re totally revitalizing it,” Drew explained to us. “We’re bringing it back to its original glory.” Jonathan added, “And we’ll get to see them doing some wedding planning stuff.” Now that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of their relationships on TV, here are some more fun facts about the brothers’ love lives.

Are the Property Brothers married?

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Nope! Jonathan used to be married but he got a divorce. He only recently opened up about it, revealing that he tied the knot with an airline-crew scheduler named Kelsey in 2007. He left Canada and moved to Las Vegas with her, but ultimately he realized the marriage wasn’t meant to be and they split two years later. “There was sort of a rush going into it,” Jonathan told People. “She wanted to get married on 07/07/07… so it wasn’t something that naturally happened.”

Although the marriage didn’t work out, he said he was glad he got out early. “You know, we didn’t have kids or anything,” he said. “It really helped me understand what I wanted in a relationship.” As for Drew, he’s not married yet, but he’s engaged. He proposed to Linda in December 2016 after dating for six years.

Who did they used to date?

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Because of their hectic schedules of hosting three HGTV shows, running a production company, and releasing their own line of home decor, unsurprisingly, the brothers have been a little too busy to really date. Before meeting Jacinta, Jonathan said a few years back that he mostly just liked to chill at home with his dogs. “[I’ve been single for] quite a while,” he said back in 2013. “I’m in no rush to date or marry. I enjoy my work and my friends… and my hounds.”

Drew too was unlucky in love before he met Linda. At one point in his life, he doubted he would ever meet “the one.” “I enjoyed what I did, but in the back of my mind I thought, ‘Am I going to be 60 and alone?'” he admitted back then.

How did they meet their current girlfriends?

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Drew met Linda in 2010 at a Toronto Fashion Week event and immediately hit it off, even though Drew’s pick-up line was less than smooth. “My sister and I were backstage looking for pizza and having some water,” Linda told People. “Drew came up to me and said ‘Hey, where’d you get that water?’” They went on their first date months later where Drew impressed her with his karaoke skills.

As for Jonathan, he met Jacinta at a charity event in 2015 but didn’t get her number. “I went back to try and… see if somebody knows who she is and she was like a ghost,” Jonathan said on Chelsea. “Nobody knew who she was.” After looking for her for six months, he finally tracked her down after seeing her in the background of a friend’s picture.

How did Drew propose?

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Because Linda is a huge Dr. Suess fan, Drew surprised her with an Oh The Places You’ll Go-themed cake at a restaurant. “So I made that as a big cake and on the top was a Dr. Seuss character holding the ring,” Drew explained. “She had ordered carrot cake, but instead this came out, that song played and I got down on one knee. But Linda… had no idea it was coming. She was so confused. She’s like, ‘What? I ordered carrot cake.'”

Are there any plans for children?

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Although it’s probably a little early for Jonathan to start talking about babies, Drew has said he’s more than ready for children. “I’m definitely looking forward to having kids,” Drew said. “Linda and I have talked about it, and we’ve considered adopting.”

Where do they live?

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For a while, Drew, Jonathan, and Linda all lived together in their Las Vegas home, which some fans thought was strange. “People were always like, ‘Isn’t that weird?’ But there’s an ease to it,” Linda said earlier this year. “You wake up and you go to work. It’s nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with.” However, recently Drew and Linda purchased their own place in LA. “My fiancée and I just bought a house in LA,” he said in a Facebook Live video. “It’s literally like ten times the price to go from Vegas to LA.”

Wedding plans?

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“We’re looking at spring,” Drew told Closer Weekly. “If we want to do spring we really need to move fast because we need to let people know when to lock us a date.” He added, “It’s going to be a destination wedding. We’re going to be going overseas, we just haven’t decided exactly where.” We can’t wait!

What are they working on now?

It was recently revealed that Drew will be competing on Season 25 of Dancing With the Stars with pro partner Emma Slater. Sadly, Jonathan isn’t going to be appearing on the show alongside his famous twin. “Jonathan is jealous! He would’ve loved to have been on Dancing With the Stars,” Drew recently told In Touch, adding that he may be a better fit for the show because he’s the “athletic brother.” “Over the years, we’ve been asked several times [to be on the show]. I think they wanted that brother-versus-brother thing… Jonathan kind of has to hold down the fort while I’m doing this.” We can’t wait to see Drew on DWTS!