Things are not looking good for Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo. The Bachelorette couple was spotted in NYC — and fans were shocked by the lack of affection between the reality stars.

Onlookers spoke with Life & Style and revealed that the couple seemed to be faking their relationship for the cameras. “Rachel and Bryan looked more like business partners than a couple,” the eyewitness says. Away from the cameras, “They didn’t show any kind of affection. I’m shocked they haven’t officially ended things yet.”

On the reality dating competition, Rachel, 32, and Bryan, 37, couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Sadly, that is no longer the case. “It looked like a contractual relationship,” says a witness at a recent event, “where they had to go through the motions.” Yikes.

Recently, the pair appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, and the daytime talk show host was not convinced their engagement would last. “In the name of your father as a judge and your mom is a decent woman…your parents raised you well and put you through college and law school – only for you to find love on a reality show?” Wendy asked the Dallas attorney. When Rachel responded she hoped to use the platform as an opportunity for African-American women, Wendy fired back, “No, you had a chance to be on TV and in every magazine, is what I’m thinking.”

However, Rachel defended herself on Instagram, writing, “I’m a super fan and she tried me, but I was ready. I can’t wait to come back and make you a believer!” But Wendy is not the only non-believer. Previously, In Touch reported that the couple was sticking it out to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

“Rachel knows that if she sticks it out with Bryan, they can both walk away from this with fame and fortune,” a source said. “So the plan is to act like a couple in public for as long as they can. And make as much money as they can.”