Fans were disappointed when Arie Luyendyk Jr. was picked over Peter Kraus as the next Bachelor. However, Bachelorette alum Chris Bukowski believes Peter will get his chance to hand out roses on the reality dating competition in no time.

“I think he’ll be the Bachelor next year,” Chris — who recently opened his fourth Bracket Room restaurant in Chicago — told Life & Style exclusively. “Arie had the same cult following [that Peter now does] so he’s like the new Arie, essentially.”

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While Bachelor Nation is divided over Arie, Chris, who competed against the racecar driver for Emily Maynard‘s final rose, thinks the network made the right decision. “I love it. I texted him this morning [because] he starts filming tonight,” he said. “He’s going to be a good Bachelor because he’s a real bachelor, in real life. I’m not sure if he’s going to be one who’s getting married to whomever he chooses, but I think he’s going to be really good for the show.”

The reality star turned restauranteur continued, “I think this Bachelor generation — I call them the “Instagram Generation” — is more about getting sponsored ads on Instagram, more about the fame than when I started in 2012. So, I think [Arie] will be good to bring the show back to “The Golden Age.”

Peter recently spoke out about the slight and seemingly confirmed he turned down the opportunity following his breakup from Rachel Lindsay. “I’m a sensitive guy… I accept it and I appreciate it and that just makes me more hyper-aware of the surroundings I’m in and The Bachelor is a big, big step that I wasn’t ready for,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

As for Chris, who is currently single, he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to return to the popular ABC franchise. “I absolutely would. Not in a heartbeat, though. It has to be the right situation…” he said. “You know, just like Michael Jordan can go play baseball, I can come back better. I’m only 31, so I think I have a couple years left. I’m not dating anyone now so it could be the perfect time to go back… or it could be the worst time.”