If you think all of the girls in the Bachelor house don’t know who’s probably going to win, think again! Rachel Lindsay appeared on Nick Viall‘s podcast on February 6, and she got super honest about how obvious it was that he was going to pick Vanessa Grimaldi. As a matter of fact, Rachel was so sure she wasn’t going to win that she “tried to quit three times!” Watch the shocking revelation above, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

Rachel reminisced about their stinky, cold farm group date, and admitted that she had a full-on breakdown afterward. “I had already been saying Nick was gonna pick Vanessa, and then we saw you and Vanessa have a secret moment,” she explained. “I remember thinking like, why am I here? I tried to quit three times, like when I got really upset. I was like it’s so obvious what he wants, so I was like, why are we even here?”

After the date, Rachel and the girls went a little crazy with the alcohol, and she spiraled. “We all drank, it was super cold, and they kept talking to me, and I was like, I don’t wanna talk about it, we all know what Nick is gonna do.” As she was sobbing in the bathroom, she was told a producer wanted to come talk to her, but instead, Nick showed up. “I was like NO! And I’m like sobbing to Nick,” she laughed.

Nick seemed genuinely shocked that Rachel realized his feelings for Vanessa so early on, even admitting that he wasn’t sure himself at that point. That’s when Rachel described flipping through one of Vanessa’s speech pathology books with friend Astrid while she had a one-on-one, saying, “This b–ch is gonna win! That was the second week!”

Nick quickly tried to explain why he got so attached to Vanessa so fast. “I went to dinner with Ben and Lauren, and she was like ‘listen, hopefully you’re going to figure out who you like early on, and if you do, protect that relationship. Protect that person’, and I really took that to heart!” Nick admits that he even refused to have sex with the other girls in the fantasy suites because he didn’t want to hurt his relationship with Vanessa.

“I had to lead people on and I tried to be very careful about how I lead people on,” he said. Looks like he didn’t do a great job with that! Luckily, Rachel hung on long enough to become the Bachelorette and find her own Prince Charming, and she’ll be tying the knot this summer!

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