You go, girl! If you thought Ramona Singer was sitting around crying over her ex-husband Mario Singer, you thought wrong. The 61-year-old is living her best life while her ex is wrapped up in yet another cheating scandal. This time, however, he's the one getting played.

According to Radar Online, Kasey Dexter — the 36-year-old woman who broke up Ramona's 20-year-marriage — has been cheating on Mario with Christie Brinkley's ex, Peter Cook. The two allegedly began exchanging messages over Instagram, followed by flirtatious texting, and what began as a ploy to make Mario jealous, turned in to a full-fledged affair.

“She would date him seriously,” a source told Radar. “They have a lot in common. He told her he’s falling for her too. He doesn’t want her to contact Mario when she returns to Florida.” It's getting so serious, in fact, that the two are calling it love at first sight. “She feels like she loves him, they clicked. All he did was tell her she’s beautiful," the source continued.

Sounds like vindication to us! After all, Mario did leave Ramona for Kasey in the first place. But don't expect Ramona to feed into the drama. During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen briefly touched on the subject and the reality star's response was perfection. When asked what her reaction was to Mario's mistress cheating on him, she replied, "I don't care," with an air of confidence that only a woman who's moved on could.

Though in the past the mother-of-one has exclusively revealed to Life & Style that she and Mario are "on very good, friendly terms,” it's clear that if someone were "winning" life after their divorce, it would be Ramona. That said, despite Mario's terrible track record with relationships, Ramona has confirmed that the two are able to sucessfully co-parent. “He was always a wonderful father and still is."