Concerned! Some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are hoping Erika Jayne is “OK” after photos of her looking “so teeny” surfaced online.

After photos of the Bravo star, 51, out and about in Las Vegas went viral on Sunday, May 28, fans started commenting on Erika’s slimmer figure.

“Has she always been this skinny or am I tweaking?” one fan tweeted. Another added, “I’ve never *loved* Erika, but early on I appreciated her as a character, and above all that always loved her physique. It really bums me out to see her like this in all honesty. No body-shaming but this feels unnaturally achieved so take that as you will.”

A third shared, “Dead serious? This is her? Yikes I know we been joking about the Ozempic use but this looks more. I hope she’s OK. Sad thing is the reason I loved her when she first showed up cuz she wasn’t a typical BH body type. For real tho I hope she’s OK.”

'So Teeny'! RHOBH's Erika Jayne Faces Ozempic Claims After Weight Loss

While some appeared worried about the “Pretty Mess” songstress, others were quick to claim that she allegedly takes Ozempic. The drug, which was originally produced for adults with type 2 diabetes, has become widely known as a weight loss alternative by working with the brain to reduce food cravings and makes the user feel fuller faster. The prescription medication is administered by injections once a week.

Reps for Erika did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment.

Erika’s appearance in Las Vegas came as she prepares for her forthcoming Las Vegas Residency, titled BET IT ALL ON BLONDE. As of now, she hasn’t addressed Ozempic speculation, but the Pretty Mess author has spoken candidly about her diet in various interviews over the years.

“I’ve grown up disciplined all my life as a dancer, so I know how to eat and work out. Do I do it? No!” she explained E! News in March 2018. “The reason for that is it’s hard to manage the time. The busier you get… I used to be in the gym at 6 [a.m.], do I want to be in there at 5? It’s hard.”

She’s hardly the first RHOBH star to be accused of taking the prescription drug. Kyle Richards, for one, has shut down claims that she was an Ozempic user after showing off her toned stomach in various Instagram posts.

“Do not spread lies. I’m not on Ozempic,” she shared in a January comment, after social media users accused her of taking the medication.