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Looking Good! ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Star Erika Jayne’s Weight Loss Transformation Photos

The latest Ozempic user? Erika Jayne left fans shocked after a May 28, 2023, post showed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star looking considerably slimmer than normal. Some even went as far as asking if she was “OK” given that she looked “so teeny” in comparison to her past self.

“Has she always been this skinny or am I tweaking?” one fan asked in a tweet. Another added, “I’ve never *loved* Erika, but early on I appreciated her as a character, and above all that always loved her physique. It really bums me out to see her like this in all honesty. No body-shaming but this feels unnaturally achieved so take that as you will.”

A third asked, “Dead serious? This is her? Yikes I know we been joking about the Ozempic use but this looks more. I hope she’s OK. Sad thing is the reason I loved her when she first showed up cuz she wasn’t a typical BH body type. For real tho I hope she’s OK.”

Erika’s drastic change came shortly after she announced her Bet It All on Blonde Las Vegas residency in April 2023. Fans reacted positively, noting that the reality alum looked like she had slimmed down.

“After darkness comes light. 365 days ago I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Thanks to your love and support, it is with tears in my eyes that I announce my first Las Vegas Residency: BET IT ALL ON BLONDE,” she shared via Instagram at the time. “To anyone who’s ever told you that something isn’t possible, that you’re not good enough, or that they don’t believe in you — DREAMS DO COME TRUE.”

At an event promoting the upcoming event, she stunned in a rainbow dress with her signature blonde locks cascading down her back. While Erika hasn’t spoken publicly about any weight loss methods, the songstress has shared her diet and fitness secrets in the past.

“I’ve grown up disciplined all my life as a dancer, so I know how to eat and work out. Do I do it? No!” Erika told E! News in March 2018. “The reason for that is it’s hard to manage the time. The busier you get… I used to be in the gym at 6 [a.m.], do I want to be in there at 5? It’s hard.”

That being said, the reality star explained that she starts a “sensible diet” before any performances. “Now when we start rehearsing for the show,” Erika added. “I immediately cut down. There’s no way you can’t when you dance.”

When it came to her workout routine, the Pretty Mess author got real about working with trainer Alonso Moretti in 2017.

“I always feel like I get a complete workout from head to toe each time,” she said, noting that the goal is “high and tight — and by that, I mean great posture, a tiny waist, a big ass and toned legs.”

Erika also gushed over her physique in the “PAINKILLR” music video while chatting with Page Six in 2019.

“I’ve never been in better shape in my entire life,” the singer recalled at the time. “I’m really proud of this. I was in incredible shape, and it shows.”

Scroll through the gallery to see Erika’s transformation photos over the years.