Who knew Rihanna was such a fan of Queen Elizabeth?

The "BBHMM" singer celebrated the British monarch's 91st birthday by sharing Photoshopped pics of the royal superimposed over some of the Grammy winner's most iconic fashion moments.

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"Be humble," Rihanna, 29, captioned the first photo of Queen Elizabeth in bright green thigh-high boots, referring to Kendrick Lamar's new single.

In another, the Queen is sporting Rihanna's recent Coachella outfit, but it was the caption that really had fans talking.

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be humble.

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"Cause u f–k like a [grandma] f–k, u just a amateur," Rihanna originally wrote alongside the controversial image, which she later updated to read, "Mumz said she won't too happy bout this post so I had to edit insert appropriate Gucci Mane lyrics here."

In what was deemed the most offensive photo, the Queen's face is Photoshopped onto an image from Rihanna's recent Paper magazine photoshoot, in which she's wearing a Chanel jacket that shows off some serious cleavage.

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"It's not that deep," she wrote, seemingly addressing the buzz the photos created on the social media platform.

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it's not that deep.

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As expected, fans of the Barbadian beauty were divided over the lack of respect Rihanna appeared to be showing Prince William and Harry's grandmother.

"This is offensive to me as a British citizen! That is my monarch and I find it angering that Rihanna has seen fit to disgrace my queen in such a way! Had a lot of respect for Rihanna but after viewing these photos with the queens face attached to them had made me loose a lot of respect for her!" one fan wrote, while another defended her, writing, "I will never understand why y'all mad at these iconic pics like…QUEEN RIH AND QUEEN BETTY TOGETHER."

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In typical Rihanna fashion, she did not apologize for her "tribute," sharing another photo of Elizabeth instead. "Haters will say it's Photoshop," she captioned a pic of the Queen wearing her Dior sunglasses.