Wait, What?Innocent Pop Songs You Had No Idea Are Secretly Dirty

It's no surprise that most pop songs are riddled with double entendres and not-so subtle sexual innuendos. But while dancing along to upbeat Ariana Grande or Rihanna songs, it's hard to believe they're about anything other than dancing and having fun…right?

Wrong! These pop tracks, while innocently sweet, all have a dirty side — and their double meanings will have you clutching your pearls like an old 1950s housewife.

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You would think after seeing Ariana and Nicki Minaj's highly sexual performance of "Side to Side" at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards that fans would pick up the true meaning of the song, but it wasn't until Ariana herself confirmed the song's intention that fans got a rude awakening.

“That whole song is about riding leading to soreness,” she said on the red carpet. “’Ride dick bicycle’ is the lyric, indeed.”

Fans were shocked, including Girls star Lena Dunham.

"Jack just explained that the song Side to Side is about getting railed so hard you can't walk," she tweeted. "SO MANY EMOTIONZ."

To be honest, with phrases like "dick bicycle," it makes us wonder how we ever thought it was innocent to being with!

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