It came as no surprise to Riverdale fans everywhere that the sophomore drama was renewed for a third season earlier this year. After all, have you seen the cast? Talk about one heartthrob after the next. Swoon! Earlier this summer, The CW not only confirmed that Archie & Co. will be returning to TV screens on Wednesday, Oct. 10, but the network also rolled out a brand new trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

Unfortunately, us die-hard fans haven’t seen a single Riverdale promo since. Sigh. That is, until now. On Aug. 28, E! News released an exclusive “first look” at the upcoming season and TBH, it’s almost too much to handle. You can check out the video below. 

Where do we even begin? Was that Kevin kissing Moose in the hallway of Riverdale High? We thought those two were so last season. Well, in the words of Selena Gomez, “the heart wants what it wants.” Speaking of hookups, FP Jones and Alice Cooper in bed together — say what?! 

While there’s no denying that they make a super cute couple, we have to say that their whole storyline feels a little too Gossip Girl for us. Remember when Lilly dated Rufus while Dan dated Serena? Yeah, that didn’t end well. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to watch it crash and burn. 

The CW

Which leads us right into our next observations: Burning the Cooper/Blossom twins over a fire, a creepy masked figure, and Betty reading seemingly satanic literature. How very American Horror Story. Basically, we’re really excited for October!

Here’s hoping that the network drops us another trailer before then. Oh, and can we all just take a moment of silence to acknowledge how devastatingly attractive KJ Apa is? He should really consider getting that South Side Serpent tattoo on his bicep IRL.