Your morning is about to get a little sweeter and a little hotter thanks to Carrera Cafe! The coffee shop, based in Los Angeles, CA, has become famous for its Ryan Gossling lattes, and honestly, we’re pretty obsessed!

Specializing in lattes with fun designs made out of the foam on top, this hot spot is totally perfect for Instagram. Watch the video below to get a peek at a Ryan Gosling latte!

Okay, so how TF did they manage to get Ryan’s face so perfectly on the latte?! Well, according to Los Angeles magazine, using the technology of a foam printer, the cafe can pretty much print whatever they want on top of your frothy drink!

Using the Coffee Ripple app you can also choose a photo you’d like to see on your latte (a selfie if you’d like) and “ripple” it. The app then gives you a unique number which you show to the barista and, just like that, you have a customized coffee.

So, yeah, you can choose anything you want, but we recommend you choose Ryan Gosling! What’s not to love, right?!