Bella Thorne and Scott Disick Hold Hands While Enjoying a Night out Together And We Wish They’d Just Admit They’re Into Each Other

We seriously can’t keep up with Bella Thorne and Scott Disick’s dating life.

The pair has definitely sparked their fair share of rumors ever since they were first spotted getting extremely cozy together last month in Cannes — and even though she previously said that she and Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend are “just friends,” they still held hands and kept close to each other during a wild night out.

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Bella, 19, was photographed with Scott, 34, as they heading out to a dinner date at Catch LA where they enjoyed a steak dinner with a handful a friends, including a mystery blonde who seemed to be good friends with Bella and Scott’s rapper pal French Montana, according to E! News. Afterward, they all attended pop singer Lana Del Rey’s birthday party at 1 OAK.

“They were acting like friends the entire night,” a source revealed to E! News. “They both love to party and that is the sole reason why they hang out with each other. It is pure fun. Scott knows that he is getting a rise out of the public and is sparking attention on himself when he hangs out with Bella, or any other young girl. He loves it. Scott wants to show Kourtney that he is having a good life and that Kourtney doesn’t affect her.”

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While in Cannes, the nature of Scott and Bella’s relationship definitely looked like it was more than friendship — especially after he was photographed groping her as they lounged poolside before she hopped a plan back to Los Angeles. But she insisted that “legit nothing” was going on between them, and she later opened up about why she left Cannes so abruptly.

“Scott is really nice, sweet, charming. I don’t drink, and he really drinks a lot. And it just ended up …I just wasn’t down. I was like, ‘I gotta leave,'” she told Complex earlier this month. “We were [at Cannes] a day and a half before I was like I’m booking my flight and leaving. I love to go out and have fun, I love to f–king dance, but I just don’t party hardcore like that and it was way too much for me. I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh.’”

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