Who would ever call Selena Gomez ugly? Stefano Gabbana, apparently. The Dolce & Gabbana designer took to Instagram to share his nasty opinion about the star — and quite frankly, her fans were pissed.

An Instagram account called @thecatwalkitalia posted a photo of Selena wearing all different red dresses, and of course, she looked beautiful in every ensemble. However, Stefano thought otherwise. “È proprio brutta!” he wrote in Italian on the pic, which translates to “It’s really ugly!” in English. One commenter replied to his remark with “she looks like a Pomeranian dog, hahahaah, you’re right” to which he then responded, “hahahahahaha is true hahahaha.” So mean…


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But luckily for Selena, her fans took to Twitter to defend her. “D&G is beautiful but he is literally ugly, he is disgusting! Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Selena is Prada, you’re Nada!” one fan wrote. Another added, “Dear Stefano Gabbana, it’s because of people like you that young girls around the globe have body image issues. That comment was beyond despicable and you REALLY lost all the respect the fashion world had for you constantly acting so immaturely. No class whatsoever.”

Another follower made a good point. “Considering how many times Selena Gomez has worn Dolce & Gabbana’s designs on some of the biggest red carpet events in the world you would think that the co-founder of Dolce & Gabbana Stefano Gabbana, would have the decency to appreciate the free promotion she gave to his brand,” they wrote.

Selena shouldn’t take Stefano’s comments too personal, though. In the past, he’s made comments about Kate Moss and Miley Cyrus’ brother, Braison, for example, on social media. He also went against critics who had something to say about First Lady Melania Trump wearing his label. Not cool, Stefano, not cool.