The Celebrity Couples With the Most Scandalous Halloween Costumes Through the Years Will Make You Blush

It’s just not Halloween without the standard sexy Halloween costume, and some celebrity pairings try to take sexy couples costumes to a whole other level. Whether they’re doubling up as a scandalous pairing like a twerk-happy Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke (oh, memories) or reinventing classics like the old sexy nurse and doctor trope, celebs love turning the heat up on Halloween.

Alright, we’ll cop that most of the times it’s the one half of a couple sticking to that old Mean Girls Halloween rule, and the other half deciding to join in on the weird roleplay aspect of it all. And there’s varying degrees of enthusiasm. Alessandra Ambrosio was all about embracing her inner cartoon vixen (it went well with her outer vixen) as Jessica Rabbit, but her ex-husband, Jamie Mazur, couldn’t even be bothered to pick up some lingerie to go with his bunny ears as Roger Rabbit. Tragic.

But then there are scandalous costume professionals like Ice-T and Coco Austin who always look like they’ve walked out of a fetish shop. And it would seem that year after year the playful couple takes their new Halloween party personas very, um, very seriously. From a cleavage-y inmate and her Hannibal Lector-y companion to a dominatrix and her submissive, they really straddle that line between sexy and scary. Which, you know, is perfect for the season, although it makes us wonder what their home life must be like.

Anyway, if you’re looking to gawk at some celeb pairings in hot tag team costumes or you’re looking for something a little naughty for you and your S.O. this Halloween, we got you covered. Here is just a sampling of famous couples who decided to double up on sexy costumes over the years!

Check out the gallery to see shocking pictures of celebrity couples in their sexiest Halloween costumes.

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