Would American Pie be American Pie without Nadia? Obviously not, so it makes sense that fans of the hit movie franchise want to know what actress Shannon Elizabeth has been up to since the fourth installment, American Pie Reunion, in 2012. And now that she’s resurfaced on the first-ever season of Celebrity Big Brother after leaving Hollywood for the past year, we’re answering all your burning questions about her including her net worth, age, and more! Scroll down to learn all about Shannon!

What is Shannon Elizabeth’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shannon is worth $9 million. She’s likely earned her money from her modeling and acting gigs. On top of that, her secret hobby is playing poker! We wish we had $9 million just laying around.

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How old is Shannon Elizabeth?

Shannon was born on Sept. 7, 1973, so that makes her 44 years old today! Did you think she was younger or older?

What TV shows and movies has Shannon Elizabeth been in?

You likely know Shannon from American Pie and the three films that followed (FYI, that accent of hers was totally fake), but she also had roles in Scary Movie, Love Actually, Thir13en Ghosts, Swing Away, and many more! As far as TV roles, she’s appeared on That ’70s Show, Cuts, Melissa & Joey, and even Step by Step, among others.

Does Shannon Elizabeth play poker?

Yes! Shannon revealed during her introduction on Celebrity Big Brother that she loves to play poker in addition to acting (who knew?!). Shannon has even called it her second career. Years ago, she was also considered one of the world’s leading celeb poker plays (so cool). During that time, she would often visit Las Vegas to play with top players!

Who is Shannon Elizabeth’s husband?

Or ex-husband, we should say! She was married to Joseph D. Reitman from 2002 until their divorce finalized in 2007. Their rep said at the time, “The couple will remain friends.”

How tall is Shannon Elizabeth?

She’s really tall! Shannon’s height is five feet and nine inches — no wonder she’s such a successful model!

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Was Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing With the Stars?

Yes! She appeared on the sixth season with pro dancer partner Derek Hough. She was eliminated seventh on the competition. Here’s hoping she returns for a future All-Star season!

What is Shannon Elizabeth doing now?

Shannon recently moved to South Africa to focus on her charity, Animal Avengers, and she hasn’t had an acting credit since 2016. We wish her the best of luck this season on Celeb BB!