Mark McGrath sparked plastic surgery rumors after an appearance on his old TV show Extra! The rumors first came out when the Sugar Ray singer was promoting his upcoming I Love the 90’s — The Party Continues summer tour — but fans were much more interested in his appearance than what he was discussing!

During the Extra appearance, he wore a buttoned-up plaid shirt, which the 49-year-old paired with his bleach blond hair. The biggest changes came in his face, however, which is noticeably wrinkle-free and without any tanner!

mark mcgrath getty images

Since his appearance on Extra over the summer, Mark — who has officially entered the Big Brother house — has since denied rumors of plastic surgery. He replied semi-saracastically to a friend who praised the way the singer handled trolls, writing, “You are too kind brother Richard and I really appreciate your words, I may go harder if I had your eloquence and sophistication but I’m just some horribly disfigured plastic surgery nightmare.” He then added, “Maybe I should look into getting my first procedure now…”

Though that’s the most he has ever said about the plastic surgery rumors, he’s been the first to admit that people have a lot of misconceptions about him . “I’ve done a lot of douchey things,” he told Rolling Stone. “I understand why people don’t particularly like me.”

Well, hopefully fans will come to know and love Mark after seeing him on Big Brother! He sounds ready for the competition — and we can’t wait to cheer him on! When asked about his game strategy, he confessed, “Since this is a truncated, expedited version of the game, playing the wall might not be the best strategy. Hearts are gonna be broken early and there’s nowhere to hide. So I figure you might as well come in hot!”