Just when we thought Shawn Mendes couldn’t get more attractive, we’re proven wrong. The 20-year-old recently got a butterfly tattoo on his left bicep after a fan suggested it.

It all started when a fan took to Twitter on July 17, and shared an altered black and white photo of the musician with the ink superimposed on his arm. “Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo. I rest my case,” she wrote. Though the fan didn’t come up with the design herself, she did properly credit Mac Dreaper, the tattoo artist, in the post thread. Apparently, the “Treat You Better” singer loved this beautiful piece so much that he did not hesitate to get it marked on his skin.

Shawn Mendes
im Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Shawn ended up direct messaging the fan on Twitter for all the details on the tat, and she shared the screenshots of their exchange. “Can you send me a real photo of butterfly tattoo??” Shawn asked her. “Of course!! Let me find it real quick haha. I love you!!” she replied back. “Do you have a scan of it?” Shawn wrote back a few minutes later. “What do you mean? Like a PNG version of it?” she asked him. “Yeah, like how’d you get it on the photo of me?” he wrote.

From there, the fan tried giving the pop star a rundown of how she edited the pic. “I suck at explaining but on this app called Picstart. I like erased everything around it! I’ll do it again in a sec. I’m at the carwash LMAO,” she revealed, to which Shawn just answered with “Hahahaha.”

“I’ll do it when I get home. I don’t wanna rush it if it’s actually something you decide to permanently put on yourself haha,” she concluded.

It didn’t take long for Shawn to make his decision. On July 23, he took to Instagram to show off the beautiful IRL tattoo, which is made up of half butterfly wings and half flowers. Kudos to the fan!