No tea, no shade, but the idea of combining pickles and peanut butter sounds pretty, er, grotesque. That said, we’re totally sensitive to the fact that expecting women don’t exactly have control over their pregnancy cravings! Enter: Shay Mitchell. The mama-to-be, 32, took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, August 21, to reveal her current go-to snack.

“I’m making everybody try pickles and peanut butter,” she said, while panning to the *interesting* looking dish. “It’s salty and sweet. It’s not bad! See? It’s keto or Atkins … or one of those things, I don’t know.” To be fair, the individuals who volunteered to try Shay’s questionable delicacy didn’t look entirely grossed out.  

Of course, pickles and peanut butter are individually superb. So, who knows? Maybe the Pretty Little Liars alum is onto something … or it’s just the hormones. Either way, we are just so thrilled that Shay is living her best pregnant life! In fact, it seems as though the extreme symptoms she experienced during her first trimester have subsided. 

Shay Mitchell
Courtesy of Shay Mitchell/Instagram

“Either Alana tied up my shoes too tight or I’ve just become a member of the swollen foot crew,” Shay exclaimed during a July 9 Instagram video, adding “Oh my gosh!” Swollen feet aside, it’s clear that Shay and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, are beyond excited to meet their daughter.

“When you’re in the public eye, there’s some things you want to keep a secret until you feel ready,” Shay explained in the pair’s tell-all pregnancy announcement video on June 28. “This for me has been the hardest. This is going to be really fun and awesome when I’m not trying to hide it anymore.” 

Well, as you can see, Shay is *definitely* not hiding it anymore. We can’t wait to see more amazing moments from her pregnancy journey in the months to come!

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