Dedicated. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles revealed that she has “never” cheated on a partner before during an Instagram Q&A session on Wednesday, September 1.

Amid a “Never Have I Ever” game with fans via her Instagram Stories, the 24-year-old responded to a follower’s inquiry as to whether or not she has ever been unfaithful in a relationship. She circled “no” on the Q&A template photo she was using for the questions and added, “Too loyal [and] WAY too obsessed.” She also included the loved-up, sparkle and woozy face emoji.

The elite athlete also noted, “Probably been cheated on though, who knows.”

Simone Biles/Instagram

Simone has been dating NFL star Jonathan Owens since August 2020, five months after her split from gymnast Stacey Ervin Jr. “He would say I slid into his DMs. I saw him and I was like, ‘Oh, he’s pretty cute,’ so I said hi,” the Ohio native told the Wall Street Journal about how she and the Houston Texans player met for their August 2021 cover story. “And then, I saw that he was in the Houston area, so we started chatting a little bit, and then, we went to hang out a week or two later.”

It’s clear the pair are head over heels for one another. “He’s a real man. I love him. We have a great time together,” Simone gushed to Today during a January 2021 livestream interview. “Our personalities match right up. We have the same sense of humor. He’s just great. He’s an athlete, too, so we really understand each other, and I think that’s why our relationship has been seamless.”

Believe it or not, Jonathan, 26, revealed on Simone’s Facebook Watch series, Simone vs. Herself, that he didn’t actually know Simone was famous when they first started talking. “Her work ethic was really the first thing that caught my eye,” he explained during the third episode. “I never really watched gymnastics before I first started talking to her. When I met her, I honestly didn’t know who she was.”

The athlete added, “It was just like, ‘Oh, she has a lot of followers — she must be pretty good or something.’ That’s how I would tell people and they’d be like: ‘Simone Biles?! You for real, the gymnast?!’ And I’m like, ‘Man, she’s good like that?!’”

The happy couple celebrated their one-year anniversary on Sunday, August 29. “Oops I forgot to tell y’all that we’ve been dating for more than a year,” Simone gushed via Instagram at the time before addressing her man directly. “So happy past 1 year to the best thing that’s ever happened to you: ME.”