We’ve all got to figure out what’s best for our bodies. Mariah Brown from Sister Wives  — the only daughter of Meri Brown and her husband, Kody Brown — chatted exclusively with Life & Style about wellness and admitted that it took her a while to determine what routine worked for her. “I feel like it took me a really long time to find a wellness routine that made sense for me,” she revealed. “I’ve been working out and ‘dieting’ for years now … it has been something that has been a pretty big part of my life for a long time now, but recently I have been able to find the sweet spot with balance, on how to have genuine wellness throughout all aspects of my life.”

In Touch asked Mariah, 23, if she had any tips for others who are working on their wellness routines, and she said via email, “I always recommend to people to find what makes them feel good! There is literally so much out there when it comes to wellness trends and I think it can feel really daunting and inaccessible.” She added that one of her goals is to “help people find wellness in their lives through things that feel good to them.”

“I used to lift heavy at the gym six times a week, and now I take a lot of walks and do lots of yoga and I feel so much better now than I did when fitness was my entire life,” Mariah noted. “Balance really is key, in my opinion.”

Mariah added that her family actually influenced her love for wellness. “My little sister got sick when I was leaving for college and it was actually really scary,” the reality TV personality revealed. “She ended up healing really well, thank God, but I think that sort of sparked something in me personally, and my family as a whole, to focus more on being healthy. I think that really was what sparked my love for wellness and it has just evolved from there.”

Mariah regularly shares her experience with wellness on Instagram but notes that she doesn’t see herself as an “influencer,” so to speak. “I just see myself as someone with a specific knowledge set that I can share with those around me,” she said. “I am big on community, and that is sometimes what I feel like I have created online — just friends that I haven’t met yet. I feel really blessed to have this kind of platform to share my passions with those that have similar passions and interests.” It’s really wonderful that she’s willing to share and help others live their best lives when it comes to wellness, too.