If you thought things between Scott Disick and his longtime girlfriend, Sofia Richie, have finally settled down … you thought wrong! A source has exclusively revealed to Life & Style that, unfortunately, their relationship continues to head downhill — and fast!

“In Australia, Sofia reached boiling point over the Kardashians treating Scott like he’s some kind of puppet,” the source explained of the pair’s recent trip to Melbourne, where they were spotted fighting. “If Kourtney [Kardashian] or Kris [Jenner] say jump, Scott says how high. It’s like the kids are first in his life, Kourtney is second, and she’s third,” the source continued. 

“Obviously, Sofia understands that Scott has responsibilities as a father, but there’s a difference between being a good dad and hanging out with your controlling ex all the time,” they added. 

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Speaking of exes hanging out, Kourtney took to Instagram on Nov. 15 to share a new photo of the family’s trip to Bali. Ironically, Scott was in the photo, too! Even though, the KUWTK star hasn’t posted a pic of her baby daddy since 2017. Hmmm, is the mother-of-three trying to tell us (read: Sofia) something?

“Sofia has also accused Kourtney of deliberately stirring up trouble between them with her endless list of outrageous demands,” the source confessed. “She’s been in tears over Scott’s empty promises – he keeps saying things will change but they never do.”  Come on, Scott! Get it together, man.

“Scott feels completely torn and has even organized ‘peace offering’ dinners with just the three of them, but nothing seems to stop Sofia from feeling like the third wheel with Kourtney constantly in the picture.” 

So, the question remains: Are Lord Disick and his model lady going to be OK? Well, TBH, it’s anybody’s guess! “Sofia and Scott are definitely going through a rocky patch — they’ll go from being madly in love one minute to being at each other’s throats the next.”

Sounds like your typical couple, if you ask us! Here’s hoping smooth over sooner rather than later.

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