Let’s face it, no matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, there are just certain things that are always going trip you up. For some people, it’s chopping onions. For others, it’s cleaning poultry. For Sofia Richie, it’s cutting watermelon. The 20-year-old model took her Instagram Story on Tuesday, April 30, to document one such culinary fail.

In the first post, Sofia uploaded a snapshot of the watermelon with the caption, “Me vs. you.” In all honesty, the watermelon looks to be about roughly the size of a kindergartener. Think North West … except she’s a summertime fruit. You’re welcome for the visual. Anyway, in the next post, Sofia wrote, “No joke, this watermelon is IMPOSSIBLE.”

It’s clear by this point that Scott Disick’s longtime girlfriend felt defeated — and what do young people do when they don’t know how to achieve a basic domestic task? They YouTube it, that’s what! In Sofia’s third post, she uploaded a screengrab from a watermelon cutting tutorial with the caption, “HOW!!!!!!!!” Eight exclamation points? Come on, girl. Get it together.

Sofia Richie's Instagram Story
Courtesy of Sofia Richie/Instagram

Thankfully, Sofia was eventually able to cut her watermelon (after what was likely several hours). Even so, aside from this momentary snafu, the blonde beauty is actually quite an amazing homemaker. In fact, despite Sofia and Scott’s 15-year age difference, she’s actually the one who runs things around the Disick household.

“Sofia will make sure that his house is stocked with things like toilet paper or paper towels and toothpaste. She doesn’t look at it as a job, she loves taking care of him,” a source recently told Life & Style. “In the beginning, I think she felt pressure because [Kourtney Kardashian] always has everything in order — has schedules planned weeks and days in advance — but now they’ve gotten into their own routine and she’s a very calming influence for Scott,” the insider added. 

We can’t speak for everyone, but we’ll take a calming influence over a skilled watermelon cutter any day of the week.