It’s just a number! Despite Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s 15-year gap, the pair’s age difference “has never been an issue for them,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “They actually laugh over people saying that they have nothing in common or she’s too immature him, because she’s the one who takes care of him!”

Takes care of him, indeed! So much so, that Scott, 35, has completely turned over a new leaf since getting serious with the 20-year-old model. “Let’s not forget that before they started dating Scott was partying a lot — and you don’t see that side of him anymore,” added the source.

Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Relationship Timeline
M. Angeles Salvador/MEGA

“He’s never out getting too out of control and that’s because Sofia has created a stable life for him,” the source continued. “She loves to plan outdoor adventures for the two of them, like an early evening hike or order in sushi or go to low-key date nights and watch movies.”

Fun without the hangover? Sounds pretty ideal, if you ask us. To be fair, Sofia can’t legally drink just yet, but even so, it’s clear she’s had a positive influence on the father-of-three. “Sofia will make sure that his house is stocked with things like toilet paper or paper towels and toothpaste. She doesn’t look at it as a job, she loves taking care of him,” noted the source. Ummm, can you say wifey material?

“In the beginning, I think she felt pressure because [Kourtney Kardashian] always has everything in order — has schedules planned weeks and days in advance — but now they’ve gotten into their own routine and she’s a very calming influence for Scott,” the source concluded. We ship a happy, healthy couple!

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