The world has seen Sofia Richie grow up and go through changes, and some of those changes may have nothing to do with getting older. Over the years, the 20-year-old’s appearance has altered, specifically subtle differences made to her face, suggesting she possibly went under the knife.

Though Dr. Leslie Gerstman, Cosmetic and laser medicine, has never treated her, she believes Sofia had some procedures to reshape her nose and lips. “I would say she’s had a surgical rhinoplasty to narrow her nose, lip augmentation to plump her lips and possibly Botox to the masseter muscle (jaw). Her jawline is less square now making her lower face appear thinner,” she exclusively told Life and Style.

Sofia Richie in 2015 and 2019
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We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this is true considering most celebs go under the knife at some point, especially the Kar-Jenners, who have been linked to Sofia since she was a kid.

This isn’t the first time the model’s been associated with a cosmetic procedure. Fans began speculating Sofia had a breast augmentation around November 2018, after she began looking extra curvy all of a sudden. Many believed her boyfriend, Scott Disick, gifted her a boob job for her 20th birthday, which was in August.

According to Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Barrett, who has not treated her, there are major chances Sofia had her breasts enhanced. “It definitely does look like Sofia Richie had a breast augmentation based on her latest photos, compared with those from her past,” he told Hollywood Life. “She has very likely undergone a breast augmentation and with what looks like a rounded silicone implant. Her upper projection and cleavage is a dead giveaway,” he added.

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“At 20 years old, it’s extremely unlikely this would have been a growth spurt of any sort,” he continued. “The sizing, positioning and shaping is very much in line with what an implant result looks like.” Regardless, she looks great!

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