Let’s just say, there were A LOT of opinions when Kylie Jenner announced that her daughter’s name is Stormi Webster on Instagram less than a week after giving birth. Some people connected the moniker to President Donald Trump‘s alleged porn star mistress Stormy Daniels, while others wondered why the next generation of Kardashians have names that could predict a weather forecast. (Is a Stormi Reign in North West Chicago coming?) Jokes aside, there was one person who caught fans’ attentions when she seemingly threw shade at Kylie.

Model Stormi Bree posted an Instagram of herself sporting a look of disgust, captioning the shot, “Current mood?.” She shared this literally one hour after Kylie broke the name news. Coincidence? More like really bad timing. Stormi had to update her caption, which now reads, “Current mood? (goodness gracious that was bad caption timing lol) some of you guys are funny and some are really mean? let me clarify ahahaha it’ll be cool to have more Stormi sisters in the world??.”

So yes, we can relax. Model Stormi isn’t shading Baby Stormi or Kylie. She’s ready for more Stormi gals to start taking over the world. And — to no one’s surprise — Kylie’s daughter is well on her way to an Internet takeover already. Her first photo on Instagram has become the most liked photo on Instagram ever. Currently, it has 14.3 million likes.

The picture has surpassed photos posted by Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, and auntie Kendall Jenner. Basically, she got more likes than most A-listers will ever get, and she won’t even know what that means for years. It’s safe to say Stormi made one hell of an entrance!